life purpose

  1. coach

    A simple guide on how a normal person can approach a spiritual life

    There are many different kinds of people living in this planet. Some of them are not spiritual, they just want to live their lives and do what ever they like. But I’m not saying this is wrong, it's completely normal just as I said in my previous article . We perceive things differently from what...
  2. coach

    who is God

    We are thankful to God everyday. We have learned many things and even have different views about Him. Some people argue with the others and they try to prove that their views about God are correct. Life is a learning process. Beliefs are necessary so you can continue your life here. You need a...
  3. Shaka Lee

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    Good afternoon to you all. My name is Shaka Lee I am currently residing in Hawaii, but originally from Toronto - Canada. I came to Hawaii with my partner of 4 years to look inward to myself and my life and where I'm headed. I'm 26 years old and I recently lost my father to cancer. He raised...