life coaching

  1. LifeHackTraining

    Practical ways to help you can unlock creativity, imagination and problem solving for your business or career..

    So over a period of more than a year now, through curiosity and experimentation, I researched a range of different techniques to see if they actually worked and applied them on myself. After applying these things consistently, I started to become aware of changes in myself and experience...
  2. Rinat Saber

    New to the Forum... Greetings from Rinat! :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Rinat. I'm originally from Kazakhstan (pic below). My parents decided to move to America after being repeatedly threatened by local Mafia members. Thankfully, we got our new start in Brooklyn, New York in 1998 and later moved to Minnesota where I live now. As...
  3. Lisa Peters

    What is the best way to convince someone that they need life coaching?

    I have noticed that my best friend is so full of potential in her life, but she doesn't seem to think that she needs to do more or be more than what she already is. I love her just the way she is and I wouldn't want to change heer for anything, but there is a part of me that just cannot help...