1. Dinesh Pandya

    3 Simple Tips To Learn Faster Even You're Dead Slow Learner

    Everyone likes to learn faster, right. One of the ways to be successful person is to build the skills. If you want to build skills, you should know how to learn faster. Even some says learning is a survival tool. Yes, it is. Just Imagine, If you open the book, read the sentences and you can...
  2. Mick IOM

    Hi Everyone! Who here's is on the same endless journey?

    Hi everyone, My name is Mick, (25 yo) from the Netherlands, and I've been involved in the forum for a short period of time now. The reason for being here is to share my 2 cents on personal development and to read other people's opinion on the matter, as I find self-improvement very fascinating...
  3. iain twiddy

    Does anyone else love learning new things in their leisure time?

    Usually when I think of what other people imagine their best leisure time to be, it's sitting back and relaxing, not doing much. Maybe they watch a movie, go hang out with friends etc. But for me I really love learning. I am always learning about something new, just for the fun of it. I am...
  4. Nas

    Balance between teaching and learning