1. AuzuParslas

    When the realisation hits, you gotta take action! Hi, my name is Charlotte!

    Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte and my self-development journey started a couple of years ago. The realisation hit me after attending a three-day event where we would discuss ongoing issues in the EU. That is where I met many people that seemed to have bright minds with a plan to execute...
  2. Shaka Lee

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    Good afternoon to you all. My name is Shaka Lee I am currently residing in Hawaii, but originally from Toronto - Canada. I came to Hawaii with my partner of 4 years to look inward to myself and my life and where I'm headed. I'm 26 years old and I recently lost my father to cancer. He raised...
  3. iain twiddy

    Hi everyone

    Hello, My name is iain twiddy. I am interested in self improvement and constant learning. I run a physical business during the day and work on self development the rest of the time. I currently go to my local Toastmasters group to work on Public Speaking skills and to build my confidence. I...
  4. Caleb Larsen

    Saying hello

    Thought I had better properly introduce myself. I joined about 6 months ago but then I didn't do anything when I did. I'm back now and really want to become a contributor to this forum. Hello, My name is Caleb but lots of people know me as "K'lub" or "Gingersquatch." Both really fun...
  5. M

    Introducing myself :-)

    I'm a 21 year old guy living in Denmark. For the last 1 or 2 years, I have started to focus alot on myself and where I wanna go, as a person and in life. I spend all of 2016 travelling and working in Australia, and this is where I started thinking about what kind of person I want to be. I just...
  6. The Gift of Gratis

    HI :p

    Hey there everyone. I recently have started taking massive action in my life and am trying to improve myself day by day. I thought it would be good to join a forum of like minded people to share experiences and maybe learn a few things. I hope to find some useful things, and possible be able to...
  7. Imad Guemmah

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters

    Hello, my name is Imad Guemmah and iGuemmah is my website. I’m a professional copywriter, translator, published journalist and editor. Let’s cut to the chase! Some quick facts about me: Published journalist in CrowdH News Agency since 2015. Freelance web copywriter since 2013. Academic...
  8. Simant

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, I am Simant Maindola from India, I am yoga teacher in Rishikesh at Spirit Yoga Foundation. I am very happy to join this community. I want contribute and learn more about yoga from here. Thanks
  9. Etheric Archives

    Hi there! I'm excited to be here. :D

    Hello, My name is Eva and I can't lie... I'm a total personal development "junkie," lol. So much so, that I co-created a self-development website. Anyway, I'm super excited to meet and converse with others who are interested in the exact same thing... self-betterment, but most importantly, the...
  10. Bruno

    Hello There !

    My name is Bruno and I'm from the faraway land of Brazil :D I've been looking for a forum or a community about Personal Development for a while now to connect with like minded people and share ideas, wisdom, and most importantly, discuss about personal experiences. I'm always willing to help a...