introduce yourself

  1. G

    Hello from Czech Republic!

    Hi there, my name is George, I am from Czech Republic (middle EU) and was born 28 years ago. I have been doing self-development for almost 6years now. For me phrase “doing S-D” means: 1. learning all about health, relations, money, 2. discovering body, mind and inner peace 3. setting and...
  2. Shaka Lee

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    Good afternoon to you all. My name is Shaka Lee I am currently residing in Hawaii, but originally from Toronto - Canada. I came to Hawaii with my partner of 4 years to look inward to myself and my life and where I'm headed. I'm 26 years old and I recently lost my father to cancer. He raised...
  3. M

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I'm 21 yo, and I'm from Poland. I decided to find this forum because I no longer can live as I live now - but that's a longer story for another post ;) My major problems are self discipline and full filing plans (my day schedules). I really hope that with your support I will start new year...
  4. Caleb Larsen

    Saying hello

    Thought I had better properly introduce myself. I joined about 6 months ago but then I didn't do anything when I did. I'm back now and really want to become a contributor to this forum. Hello, My name is Caleb but lots of people know me as "K'lub" or "Gingersquatch." Both really fun...
  5. E

    New member

    Hello :) My name is Erwin. I live in the UK and have an interest in developing my interpersonal skills. I look forward to sharing and learning new ideas here.
  6. Mike Kaya

    Hello Fellow Personal Development Forum People

    I am glad and pleased to interact with you all here on the Forum. Here is a little about me: My name is Mikael Kaya.. but my friends called me Mike. I am a 20 year old guy living in NYC. I currently am a student and work on my blog about personal development, It is...
  7. Imad Guemmah

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters

    Hello, my name is Imad Guemmah and iGuemmah is my website. I’m a professional copywriter, translator, published journalist and editor. Let’s cut to the chase! Some quick facts about me: Published journalist in CrowdH News Agency since 2015. Freelance web copywriter since 2013. Academic...