1. universal

    Removing people from your circle

    I have heard countless of times from the biggest names attached to personal development, that you must get rid of people that aren't on the same path, or don't contribute to your goals. People that "keep" you down. I completely disagree with this philosophy. YOU are in control of your own...
  2. D

    What are the best books on influence?

    im looking for best books on how to influence people I find this very interesting we can share books back and forth so every one can get the most vaule out of this.
  3. Imad Guemmah

    4 Killer Strategies for Effective Time Management

    Time management is by far our worst enemy as we seek to get the best out of those precious 24 hours. We, therefore, pay attention to every detail and we want to make sure that every single minute is not spent irresponsibly. Unfortunately, that is nowhere near a possible solution. So here are...