1. secretsanta

    Has anyone tried hypnosis for self-improvement?

    I came across an app called Mindset which apparently helps you retrain your mental habits. I've just downloaded and will let you know how it goes but I'm just curious if anyone has had experience with hypnosis whether it's from an app or from a therapist?
  2. dawngrant

    Have you heard about Preshot Routine and have you tried it?

    Pre shot routine in simple terms is defined as procedure to hit a ball before actually we hit each shoot. This is very beneficial in shooting and golf. To know more about Preshot routine read this article with this url..https://dawngrant.com/effective-pre-shot-routine-improve-sport-performance/
  3. Erik913

    Sleep Hypnosis - too good to be true?

    As I gently lay on the bed and start listening to the soothing voice of the hypnotherapist in the sleep hypnosis of my choice, my eyelids get heavier and as he commands me to relax, my muscles gratefully release the tension built up throughout the day and soon, I’m on a completely different...