1. Catherine8


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  2. A

    Being consistent with a healthy diet

    I eat a most raw vegan diet. I love eating healthy and I see and feel the benefits when I do. The problem is that I get super motivated for a week or more and then I fall off track for a little while. This is a common problem for most people, I think. But I'm curious to hear anyone's...
  3. Kam

    Health Benefits of Jumping.

    Jumping actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your feet. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. Here are infographic you can check its benefits. :)
  4. Amy-Intensify Your Life

    Hello from Amy in Tennessee

    Hi there! I'm Amy and here is a little info on me. I'm a divorced mom to three great kids (boy 31, boy 26, girl 17). I work part-time for The Home Shopping Network from my home office. I'm also a writer. I have a blog I enjoy writing. I'm currently working on my first book. I'm a very big...
  5. I

    Personal development & Self improving

    Hi everyone, We are a brand new Colchester based group of people that are trying to push out self help videos, blogs and website content for free. We are funded therefore we really have no other want than to just share all of our stuff with you guys. We really want to change lives. Our...
  6. Rich Greene

    3 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Waist and a More Youthful Face

    Often overlooked (until we look in the mirror and see 20 extra pounds) is the attainment of a healthy looking body and younger looking face. Proper nutrition, exercise, and rest are key factors to achieving these goals. These things are often overlooked because they are "perceived" to be hard...
  7. Etheric Archives

    How to SLEEP Your Way to Better Health {Infographic}

    Could you improve your life with no effort? Could you really just lay in a bed unconscious and experience a dramatic shift in your well-being? Find out here! --> Also, do you have an tips to share?
  8. george ripley

    The 'health habit'

    I was reminded by a friend the other day the importance of the fundamentals. Whilst we were not discussing specifically health & fitness, I think the same rules apply. This made me think about the fundamentals of weight loss, keeping healthy and staying fit. Here is what I thought of: 1) Drink...