1. Robert Pantano

    Why Humans Struggle With Happiness

    Really great video about the struggle for answers and happiness in life.
  2. Jillian Arena

    Excited to Join the Discussion

    Hi Everybody, My name is Jillian Arena. I am a Certified Life Coach and RYT-200. I'm super excited to have joined the discussion and hope that I can use my own past and knowledge to help other people find the best version of themselves. What led me to becoming a coach was honestly a series...
  3. D

    Why is being happy hard?

    is being happy hard because I keep thinking thats hard so I keep chaining my self in my mind? im trying to be a more happy person like doing the things I love I am 21 years old so I still have a hole life to learn from is there anything you guys think I can do to feel better?
  4. Best_Catcher2016

    Habits of Happy People!

    Habits of Happy People! Did you know that happy people have habits that are factors why they are happy. Many of us is struggling to be happy and to have fun. Maybe because we are stress at work or have financial problems and more. I want share with you the habits of happy people and maybe you...
  5. Lisa Peters

    What is the best way to convince someone that they need life coaching?

    I have noticed that my best friend is so full of potential in her life, but she doesn't seem to think that she needs to do more or be more than what she already is. I love her just the way she is and I wouldn't want to change heer for anything, but there is a part of me that just cannot help...
  6. S

    How to Be a Happy Person!

    Are you here because you are searching for some tips and strategies you can implement into your life to become a happy person? If so, continue reading. What does happiness mean to you? Do you define happiness in a simpler format or complex? For many people, the definition of happiness is being...
  7. Norman McCulloch

    Self Help Success Tips - The Power Within Us!

    Self Help Success Tips - The Power Within Us! In this article I am going to discuss a very important aspect that many of us are not aware of. You see, most of us are not living the life that we want and deserve. We are simply living our days on this planet mostly on auto-pilot. We wake up...
  8. rainbowcloud

    The importance of taking breaks...

    When we were younger, our parents would tell us to go play after we finished our homework... As an adult the "homework" never ends... we can always do MORE. There's no one except ourselves to tell us when it's enough. So we have a responsibility for ourselves! I created a little video to...
  9. Etheric Archives

    5 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Being Happy! :)

    What if you were to feel vibrant and energized every day? If you walked through life in a state of complete psychological bliss, how would it impact your experiences, relationships, and goals? Some would say that a frequent state of euphoria sounds a lot like delusion; you can’t be happy and...