1. Jonnydark

    What Are Your Best Systems?

    Hi! My name is Jonathan. I'm new to the forum. It's nice to know so many people are working so hard to better themselves. This seems like such a positive environment for change. Thanks for reading this thread and I hope you add to it. Okay, so I have read a few books lately that all at once...
  2. D

    Why is being happy hard?

    is being happy hard because I keep thinking thats hard so I keep chaining my self in my mind? im trying to be a more happy person like doing the things I love I am 21 years old so I still have a hole life to learn from is there anything you guys think I can do to feel better?
  3. N

    addictions and overcoming

    whenever i m tense or stressful..i tend to overcome by playing games or watching tv series or cartoons.. sometimes smoking.. recently i overcome smoking..and stopped it but overcoming game play and watching tvseries is the main problem.. i keep on doing it so much that i am unable to concentrate...