1. w1zman

    Free Self Help Newsletter- 1 thought from me, 1 quote from another, and 1 question for you. Join the community

    Recently after circumstances outside of my control resulting in a major life path change, I went on a hunt to build something that can overtime reach more people and positively effect more peoples lives. Something that hopefully provides insightful and thought provoking ideas. My name is David...
  2. messenger1

    How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

    Hello everybody, what do you think about overcoming the fear of public speaking? Recently I came across this article ( ) and it basically says, that all the "traditional" ways of getting rid of it are not useful at all and you need to go deeper...
  3. Kevin Mahoney

    Increase Your Personal Bandwidth

    Last week, I was listening to the news and a reporter commented on a governmental agency’s “bandwidth”. While I am positive that I have heard the phrase before, it struck me as a succinct and informative way to describe an organization’s capabilities. As I tend to do, I started to think about...
  4. Sukhveer Singh


    Success is a Progressive Realisation of a worthy ideal. The Price You have to pay for your Success and Happiness is " be True To Yourself " .... You can lie to whole world but not yourself. Be True to Yourself , and you will see Great Improvements in every area of your life .
  5. Nambie

    Your definition of a wise person (wisdom)

    Hi! I would like to know how you would describe or imagine a wise person.
  6. I

    Personal development & Self improving

    Hi everyone, We are a brand new Colchester based group of people that are trying to push out self help videos, blogs and website content for free. We are funded therefore we really have no other want than to just share all of our stuff with you guys. We really want to change lives. Our...
  7. N

    Hi Threre, Nicolas Here

    Hi, A bit about my self, For the last 2 years I have been reading a book about personal development and it does change me in a way, but out off all books that I've read I think I forgot most of it instead applying it on my life. So I want to try to applying it here so it will help me remember...