1. Catherine8


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  2. VoV

    Running for WEIGHT LOSS

    Hi, I post you a cool article that i found and I want to share it with you. It's about losing weight with running. Good knowlege about weight loss here. Nice reading! (Source below) Does swimming burn calories? Yes. How about cycling? Yes. How about a fancy fitness retreat in the south of...
  3. VoV

    10 Best foods for WEIGHT LOSS

    Hello, I wanted to share with you the iconography that I prepared. I have studied the art of weight loss for years and in an affordable form without explanation I wanted to include the 10 best dishes that will help in weight loss. Take a look:
  4. A

    Being consistent with a healthy diet

    I eat a most raw vegan diet. I love eating healthy and I see and feel the benefits when I do. The problem is that I get super motivated for a week or more and then I fall off track for a little while. This is a common problem for most people, I think. But I'm curious to hear anyone's...
  5. george ripley

    The 'health habit'

    I was reminded by a friend the other day the importance of the fundamentals. Whilst we were not discussing specifically health & fitness, I think the same rules apply. This made me think about the fundamentals of weight loss, keeping healthy and staying fit. Here is what I thought of: 1) Drink...