1. Catherine8

    Weight loss program

    Hello guys I just found the best weight loss program, and literally took my mom from 120lbs to 80lbs in just one month. If you're interested kindly click on this link to get more tips on how this works for everyone
  2. SilverBladeMaster

    Fixing my bad posture (Rounded shoulders and APT)

    For a long time, I have played computer games and didn't care about the way that I was sitting. Now I have gained bad posture, rounded shoulders, and abdominal pelvic tilt. There is a way to fix it, the only thing is that searching the internet there is a lot of information that you drown in it...
  3. SilverBladeMaster

    How to stop fearing failiure?

    I want to exercise and to draw, I am motivated to do it but when the time comes all that motivation is gone and I end up not doing it. I believe it because I fear failure, I know that failure is good but maybe for some reason I still refuse it. If its something else that you can point out please...