1. Mr. Yusuf

    You Shouldn't Have A Dream

    You heard me. Dreams are for the people who will never take action, who idealize instead of actualize. I have heard this sentiment again and again and again. I am sick of hearing about it and unlike all the other people on the web I will tell you why. Dreams by their very nature are elusive and...
  2. Valerio Mangano

    What motivates you to get up and pursue you dreams?

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum, I've already seen a lot of cool and interesting people over here! I wanted to know what reasons make you push forward no matter the situation =) My reason to push forward is doubters, all my friends and family tell me that I'll never make it...
  3. J E Roberson

    You Can’t Manifest Everything!

    So what do I mean you can’t manifest everything? Some may jump into judgment thoughts about the desires of others. Saying I agree Jason, “people should not try to manifest boats and 3 cars and stuff!” For others who doubt the power of their mind and its effectiveness they are saying, “I agree...