1. James Spears

    Courage - A Virtue for Better Self-Confidence and Greater Happiness

    Virtues are behaviors that show high moral standards, and they represent some of the finest qualities and strengths of humanity. When we cultivate and live by the virtues - happiness is a natural result. The primary virtues that I write about, and of which are recognized in positive psychology...
  2. iain twiddy

    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Hi Everyone, I just posted a big article (5000 words) about 30 ways to build your confidence: here I have a couple questions for anyone who would care to read it. 1)Can you think of any suggestions for things that could be added to this list? 2)How many of these things have you done in your...
  3. iain twiddy

    Hi everyone

    Hello, My name is iain twiddy. I am interested in self improvement and constant learning. I run a physical business during the day and work on self development the rest of the time. I currently go to my local Toastmasters group to work on Public Speaking skills and to build my confidence. I...