1. Jay Rhyder

    Post an inspirational video!

    I've got a fun activity for anyone who wants to participate. Post a inspiring video! These days it seems like everyone is sad or mad so let's not get sucked in to the negativity. The worldwide health threat is real, but that doesn't mean we have to cower to it. Instead, use your personal power...
  2. T

    You don't need confidence, you need to relate

    The best interactions in your life are not characterized by confidence but by comfort. When you are with the best people in your life, these moments are characterized by comfort and ease. When you see a three-year-old running around and saying hello to everyone, they do not do it out of...
  3. W

    Self Esteem - Turning Criticism into Confidence!

    self-es·teemˈˌself əˈstēm/noun confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect."assertiveness training for those with low self-esteem"synonyms:self-respect, pride, dignity, self-regard, faith in oneself; morale, self-confidence, confidence, self-assurance Often times we misjudge...
  4. iain twiddy

    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Hi Everyone, I just posted a big article (5000 words) about 30 ways to build your confidence: here I have a couple questions for anyone who would care to read it. 1)Can you think of any suggestions for things that could be added to this list? 2)How many of these things have you done in your...
  5. rafik gk

    6 Warning signs of Low Self-Confidence ( And How To Fix It )

    Confidence is key, we all know it, and have heard it before. The thing is, a lot of us don’t know where exactly do we stand concerning our confidence level. A lot of people have low self-confidence but aren’t aware enough to realize it. Low self-confidence manifests in a constant feeling of...
  6. clearnigh2

    [Help] My lack of self-confidence is running my life and killing my business

    Growing up, I must admit I had low self-esteem. Maybe it was my peers who made me feel that I don't belong and I was a loser or something. What I did was just focus on my studies which made me look a loser even more, but I got good grades at least. When I reached high school, I began to...
  7. A

    How to boost up your career confidence?

    A hit on your confidence may be from any number of experiences – a failed business, a falling out with management, a personal life event. Yet, it is hard to make a change for the better because this diminished confidence is hindering them from making their next move. It’s a vicious cycle...
  8. musahasan

    How can i increase my confidence?

    Recently, i do not fell enough confident in my mind and it is create lot of problem in my working life and social life. So it is highly necessary to increase confident as soon as possible. Please give me suggestion.
  9. H

    Go to the ROAR!

    Today, I want to share with you guys a personal development story. This is a story about lions! Lions love to eat gazelle. However, they run very quickly and thus are are very difficult to catch. So instead of trying to catch their quarry, a group of young lions will form a line and try to...
  10. Jordan Booth

    Excuse me, can you help? I want to become more confident at sharing my thoughts & feelings.

    Hello all! I stumbled across this forum while looking for answers... so please excuse me if I have posted incorrectly. My question is this: What can I do to become more confident at sharing my thoughts and feelings? (this problem affects be personally and at work - it is having the biggest...
  11. Alex LA Smith

    How To Have Unstoppable, Effortless Confidence AT ALL TIMES

    Guys... How often do you hear someone explain something and it goes on and on for chapters at a time. YOU NEVER LEARN. Here's the truth. Simplified. I'll share this with you guys as maybe you're looking for quality content video based on true freedom from the matrix and not just ... words...