1. InspiredExperiences

    How do you find a business coach?

    How do you find a business coach ?? Why do you think you require the business coach ?? Are they important ?? I think yes it is so very important to find a business coach. It is never easy to lead a company or a team. I have been working since many years. In this period i have learnt to lead a...
  2. T

    Hi i am a self-improvement coach

    if you need any help i am free to help you :) contact me on
  3. Rinat Saber

    New to the Forum... Greetings from Rinat! :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Rinat. I'm originally from Kazakhstan (pic below). My parents decided to move to America after being repeatedly threatened by local Mafia members. Thankfully, we got our new start in Brooklyn, New York in 1998 and later moved to Minnesota where I live now. As...
  4. Nas

    The advantage to get a coach