change your life

  1. Rinat Saber

    New to the Forum... Greetings from Rinat! :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Rinat. I'm originally from Kazakhstan (pic below). My parents decided to move to America after being repeatedly threatened by local Mafia members. Thankfully, we got our new start in Brooklyn, New York in 1998 and later moved to Minnesota where I live now. As...
  2. Yousef

    Are you ready for change?! Just 2 min

    Many people arrived to close way! Is That The END?!! Just To Minutes This Video Will Telling You Alot Of Things.. Will Change Your Think.. English Sound-Arabic Subtitle If you like this video then subscribe for more
  3. Mike Kaya

    Hello Fellow Personal Development Forum People

    I am glad and pleased to interact with you all here on the Forum. Here is a little about me: My name is Mikael Kaya.. but my friends called me Mike. I am a 20 year old guy living in NYC. I currently am a student and work on my blog about personal development, It is...
  4. Marti Cross

    You can either change your life or your life will change you

    Life has a way of making sure it does not become stagnant. It always changes sometimes in subtle almost unnoticeable ways. Many times when these small changes are left unattended, they create an emotional, physical, nutritional, financial or spiritual crisis that's hard to overcome. Since...