1. LifeHackTraining

    Practical ways to help you can unlock creativity, imagination and problem solving for your business or career..

    So over a period of more than a year now, through curiosity and experimentation, I researched a range of different techniques to see if they actually worked and applied them on myself. After applying these things consistently, I started to become aware of changes in myself and experience...
  2. InspiredExperiences

    How do you find a business coach?

    How do you find a business coach ?? Why do you think you require the business coach ?? Are they important ?? I think yes it is so very important to find a business coach. It is never easy to lead a company or a team. I have been working since many years. In this period i have learnt to lead a...
  3. MichalK

    Do you have a small business? How do you advertise it?

    Hey guys, I wonder if some of you have a business. I'm curious how do you promote it, especially online. SEO? Content marketing? Facebook ads? The reason why I'm asking is that there are many ways to advertise an offer, but it's not that easy to actually find client. How do you do it?
  4. Habits101

    How You Can Use Social Media To Change Your Life (And Your Income)

    Hi, I'm Daniel! Has anyone bought the Social Media Marketing Agency Program by Tai Lopez? I watched a video four months ago where he explained how I could Use Social Media To Change my Life (And my Income) By Getting Small Businesses To Pay me $1,000-$10,000 Every Month. I thought it was a...
  5. clearnigh2

    [Help] My lack of self-confidence is running my life and killing my business

    Growing up, I must admit I had low self-esteem. Maybe it was my peers who made me feel that I don't belong and I was a loser or something. What I did was just focus on my studies which made me look a loser even more, but I got good grades at least. When I reached high school, I began to...
  6. Five Big Ideas

    Do you have a business idea? If so, maybe some of these ideas can help you!

    Here are my favorite ideas from "The Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufman. I hope you receive some benefit from them, and I'd be very happy if you give me some constructive feedback on my presentation of the ideas!
  7. Jason Mainsons


    We all know communication as the act of transferring information from one person to another. If you think about it; it’s a very simple process right? Well it’s not. When you think of how you are supposed to communicate, this subject becomes more complex. The process of communication requires the...
  8. I

    Personal development & Self improving

    Hi everyone, We are a brand new Colchester based group of people that are trying to push out self help videos, blogs and website content for free. We are funded therefore we really have no other want than to just share all of our stuff with you guys. We really want to change lives. Our...
  9. J E Roberson

    5 Success Increasing Tips, From A Tom Cruise Movie.

    I want to share a random insight I acquired the other day! It was powerful and worthy of giving attention to. In this blog I will share a 5-part strategy for increasing success. Along with Major-William Cage, Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Edge of Tomorrow laying out this strategy, I also...
  10. C

    Personal Development- To be Process Orientated: The Power of Flow?

    This article introduces the idea of being in the moment of a process without having to think about a particular outcome, judgement, assigning values etc. I think that this is personal development because I think that we can take this term across all borders of our life socially, physically and...
  11. Jordan Booth

    Excuse me, can you help? I want to become more confident at sharing my thoughts & feelings.

    Hello all! I stumbled across this forum while looking for answers... so please excuse me if I have posted incorrectly. My question is this: What can I do to become more confident at sharing my thoughts and feelings? (this problem affects be personally and at work - it is having the biggest...
  12. Christopher Reade

    Who inspires you?

    Hey guys! I am completely new to this forum but have been reading several posts and decided to sign up. I am running a website called DAILY800 ( We publish 800 word articles written by inspiring characters and have featured such people as Senior NASA scientist Dr. Bilal...