1. Mek

    A new Law of Attraction Movie(2019)

    Hi There Everyone, For those interested in the LAO & using the Law of attraction to an entirely new level and learn much more about the science behind it, there is a New movie(This year 2019) out and of course it's Free to Watch, Enjoy! Mek.
  2. Nicholas D'Arezzo

    The Unspoken Taboo That Self-Help Experts Never Warn You About

    I am going to briefly discuss the inner friction you may endure when making personal changes to yourself. I’m talking about the personal changes that involve the restructuring of your attitude and beliefs. If you are attempting to make significant changes to your beliefs for the first time in...
  3. Uday Saroj

    Why affirmations don't work and how to make them work?

    I have come to realize the futility of self-love over time. It's because I have been practicing it the wrong way. And I think that most people repeat the same mistake. And the mistake is of practicing self-affirmation while in a bad mood. Researchers have found that affirmations work for those...
  4. MartinaK

    How to change mindset

    Hi everyone, What kind of techniques have you been using to change your mindset? What has worked the best for you? - books - visualisations - affirmations - trainings - surrounding yourself with like minded people Feel free to add my list and share your story. The number 1 for me is the...
  5. H

    101 uplifting affirmations for radical self-love

    I created this thread to share the 101 affirmations for radical self-love that I use on a daily basis. Feel free to add your own affirmations!