1. sarbelle

    Hello! My name is SarBelle and I've just started a blog in an attempt to help people

    So I basically decided to started a blog with a mixture of personal development, self-help and some of my experiences. I feel confident but people are not very responsive (including my friends). I feel like I'm giving the best advice I can but I'm not too sure, can you please give me advice on...
  2. S

    My daughter is growing up too fast.

    My daughter recently moved to a different town for college, so we barely see or talk to each other anymore. Last night, she called to say that she won't be home for Thanksgiving this year because she and her roommates are planning to go on multiple city singles tours. I know that she’s in...
  3. A

    Is cheating really part of a relationship?

    I never understood why people cheat, let alone how they can do it. So, it really struck me when I read in a love tour testimonials that “couples really encounter cheating at least once in their entire relationship.” Does it really work that way? Is it really a part of the so-called love journey...
  4. H

    How can I recover from losing them?

    Four months ago, I lost the two important ladies in my life--- my lovely wife and my daughter. The most heartbreaking scene in my life was when the doctor told me he and his company cannot save both of them. It was really devastating. I didn’t even know how to react. I even blamed myself for...
  5. The Modern Mans Guide

    Self development guide for men - The Modern Mans Guide

    Hey everyone, I'm Ollie, the author of The Modern Mans Guide Blog. In this blog, I collate the most recent research on self development topics such as dating, social anxiety, fashion and everything in between. I am always taking suggestions of new topics to research and write about and would...
  6. MartinaK

    What kind of person must I become to achieve all I want?

    Do you know your answer to the above question? I do :sneaky:. “Success is something what you attract by the person you become”, Jim Rohn. Maybe this will help
  7. Samuel Rosario

    Don't Listen to Losers

    Our world is full of people who love to criticize others, they are willing to condemn, But the problem is that this negative people giving ''advice'' most of the time haven't built anything and don't know anything about what you're trying to achieve. So it would be helpless to take advice from...