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  1. namktqs

    How to Develop Self-Esteem

    Here are something help me increase self esteem +I have own things necessary ensure my life than many people out there don't have enough. +I know if I want to success and happy then I need to efforts, responsibility and persistence. +If I don't good enough, stay happy and love myself then why...
  2. namktqs

    Fixing Relationship Problems

    The important I also want to add more here is with each person in a relationship, they need learn happy and grateful things they have.
  3. namktqs

    Does anyone else have trouble with priorities that change in the course of a day?

    You have priority to take care for your children, then do what you want or love. Remember your children need you first.
  4. namktqs

    How to make a relationship work!

    People need grateful good things they have in their relationship. Always remind this and trust who you are, who you can.
  5. namktqs

    Learn Forgiveness

    We must grateful things we have and think about things you receipted that life give to you and what you still not achieve. To know things you have right now many than before. Then we can balance and don't feel depress so much and living with learning and growing.
  6. namktqs

    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Quotes?

    That is myself
  7. namktqs

    What is Personal Development?

    It is improve my knowledge, my experience, my achievement. It is long process, happy and enjoy in. That is best way to keep myself go right direction.
  8. namktqs

    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Quotes?

    My quotes: "Work hard, learn hard, never give up, do things with your best, be friendly, be kind person. Help people by your way. Then you will success" "No hurt, no efforts then no success"
  9. namktqs

    How to develop concentration!

    Hi Logan, I have same experience with you in this case. From myself I do something like that: I do it because I hope help people, I will do best as I can to help other for best. I ask myself, what is reason for I do it with passion and with high efforts on it? Then is "do it". But the next key...
  10. namktqs

    Self esteem problem

    I think it is normal, but you should stop it to be long time will be your problem and make you have low confident and comfortable living. I think few years ago I have same problem with you too. I meet new people, someone or he said to me something that I don't confident or not sure about it, it...