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  1. allthethoughts

    How to kill the desire to eat unnecessarily.

    I came up with an idea to keep myself from buying unnecessary snacks and eating more than I should. So far, it hasn’t fully kept my hands off of the chocolate, but I certainly haven’t been snacking and buying unnecessary food whenever I go to a store, which is a major improvement for me. (By...
  2. allthethoughts

    What are the goals you’re working towards?

    There are a lot of things I want to do. I’m still deciding whether not to go after certain things. But, right now my focus is on building great habits for mental and physical health so that I can more affectively go after any current or future goals that I have. I used to have a couple really...
  3. allthethoughts

    I hate daily routines. Is that okay?

    I’ve seen the advice “Have a daily routine.” everywhere. So I’ve tried it. And for the first day or two, it’s nice to tick the boxes and feel like I’ve had a productive day. But any longer than that, and I start to feel bored and stuck. I’ve tried changing my schedule around to combat that, but...