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    Blacker's Dream Chasing Journal

    Hi guys, going to be logging my dream chasing here to help with my consistency. My first Conquest: Morning/Nightly Routine - 30 Days Mp3 Affirmations - 30 Days I will log my Success Here Daily Morning Routine: >Wake Up >Read WWAD >Read Todo List >Listen to Mp3 Affirmations Nightly Routine...
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    30 Day Challenge: Becoming A Results Maker

    TL : DR USING A PROJECT TO TEACH HOW TO MAKE RESULTS IN REAL LIFE OVER THE NEXT 30 days. Becoming A Results Maker For the next 30 days I am deadicating my full energy and efforts to learning how to become a Results Maker or as i like to put it "MAKE s**t HAPPEN!" in the real world. This will...
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    Scared of My assignment [advice needed]

    I have this assignment that feels outside of my abillities. I have wasted so much time and I feel kind of incompetent and I have such a big job to do. This is the time when i need to go my hardest yet im wasting more time than EVER. I really need some advice here guys, any tips?
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    The Game Of Life - Journey Log

    TL:DR " Life is not hard, it's tricky. To Win we need constant growth/Stratergizing. I plan to use this thread for that" Hi guys, I have noticed that as we live our lives we can experience periods where things are going well and times when it feels horrible. I have come to realize that the...