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    MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE Some simple truth about marriage can answer a lot of questions. What is marriage? Deep commitment between two people, to each other. A wedding is not the beginning of a marriage. It is a celebration of a commitment that already exists. If you do not bring commitment to...
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    The Gift of Love

    HI, I'm a new member that taught and wrote in lifeskills for quite awhile. In reading some of the posts in relationships, I though perhaps some might gain from one of my earlier articles written around 1982. I had long wished to understand how love worked, and in a period of rapid growth and...
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    New here! Retired life coach.

    I'm semi retired, still own a business and invest to keep my hand in. However my passion is still teaching personal power, the ability to take control of life and take it where you want to go. I spent several years writing about how I changed everything in my life and became successful in all...