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  1. The Gift of Gratis

    What Books Are You Reading?

    I haven't actually, which one would you recommend the most??
  2. The Gift of Gratis

    Your 2017 Health/Fitness Goals??

    Definitely able, just need to get back to it :D! Have you set up any training schedule yet? Good Luck!
  3. The Gift of Gratis

    Your 2017 Health/Fitness Goals??

    What are you fitness related goals for this new year? I personally aim to get back in better shape, and become more flexible.
  4. The Gift of Gratis

    Have you heard about Preshot Routine and have you tried it?

    Hey @dawngrant I don't see the article, would you mind posting it?
  5. The Gift of Gratis

    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    I'd probably have to say I prefer real books, just to give you an answer. It's REALLY hard to say though! They both have their pros and cons. I do like the feeling of being able to read wherever I'm at on a tablet or phone etc, and I don' t have to worry about any sort of storage. At the moment...
  6. The Gift of Gratis

    Hello beautiful people!

    Hey you! I hope that you find what you are looking for in this community, I am new also :) I will check out your site!
  7. The Gift of Gratis

    What Books Are You Reading?

    I recently finished The Goldfish Method, I actually want to read The Four Hour Work Week. I heard that book was very good, so I definitely don't want to pass it up.
  8. The Gift of Gratis

    HI :p

    Hey there everyone. I recently have started taking massive action in my life and am trying to improve myself day by day. I thought it would be good to join a forum of like minded people to share experiences and maybe learn a few things. I hope to find some useful things, and possible be able to...
  9. The Gift of Gratis

    What Starts And Keeps You Motivated?

    To be honest, I don't really see "motivation" as a driving factor anymore. I have accomplished much more recently when I started to JUST DO things. I think the thought of motivation is used as a crutch quite often. My discipline now has helped me achieve much more, because I start to believe in...