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  1. radascars

    Do You Enjoy Walking?

    I always do this when I am younger like 5 years ago. I always walk when I feel bad about something or if I felt quite depress on something. Sometimes I walk with my friends and have a good discussion and to express my feelings as well. I believe its effective if you want to unwind or to relieve...
  2. radascars


    When I was in my college days I always read read and read medical related topics for me to absorb lots of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. But now that I am free from school evaluation or something like that I tend to read magazines and newspaper when I have time. Usually I read...
  3. radascars

    How do you relax or have fun?

    If I don't have someone to talk to I tend to play all day long to relax and have fun. I am a gamer and prefer to play a lot when I have time, it seems very comfortable for me playing all along just to relax my day :)
  4. radascars

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    I really don't know but I feel that's a lovely smile as my girlfriend is the one who made the shot right :) I always smile to people I am talking to fake or not I got used to this mannerism I guess.
  5. radascars

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    I totally agree with you, knowing that they are doing their job nice and always smiles fake or not it is really something that they are doing the very best as much as they can to earn. I understand those people as I am doing that too most of the time. :(
  6. radascars

    Playing computer games

    I used to play a lot before when I was younger and do nothing but to play, study and eat a lot. :) But when I graduated and applied several companies to work I realize that life isn't easy as I was a kid back then. I tend to play almost whole day just to finish the game. But now that I am...
  7. radascars

    How could you move on from the hurt in the past?

    I totally agree with you, I know that part of moving on is very difficult but I always keep on mind that its just part of my life and I should keep moving forward and stay strong as life is very complicated as it is. It is easy to say but at least I already experience how painful it is when you...
  8. radascars

    Do you worry about your money situation?

    When our monthly bills are there and not yet paid already I tend to feel so anxious if I can afford to pay them all. I can't sleep as well when I think of all those unpaid bills and I am thinking how can I manage to pay them. :( But I am fortunate enough that I earn and pay all of those bills...
  9. radascars

    What is Personal Development?

    How does a rich person attain his/her personal growth if he/she can afford to have everything? This bothers me when back reading your comments about developing our personality. I think some of the possibilities but I'd like to hear some of opinions here. :)
  10. radascars

    How could you move on from the hurt in the past?

    I guess no person who reached 25th years of his/her life without getting hurt because of someone. :(
  11. radascars

    Do you ever criticize yourself?

    I believe posting links directing to other sites is not allowed here :)
  12. radascars

    How would you define success?

    I find success very difficult to define in my own words as I don't really know if I already succeed in life. Success for me is being to achieve what your goals in life, to be able to reach the top of being number 1, to learn things from others and realize that learning is continues and never...
  13. radascars

    How could you move on from the hurt in the past?

    Yes, I definitely agree with you. I guess part of moving on is having some new friends and new things around you, getting out of your comfort zone and explore the things you never experience before. That will help you to move on faster and in the long run you will find yourself happy and already...
  14. radascars

    How could you move on from the hurt in the past?

    With the help of my self alone, I manage to overcome the pain that I felt inside my heart. Its really hard to chose a path knowing that no one will support you. I manage to move on when I realized that I needed to change, forgetting someone is really hard especially when you already have given...
  15. radascars

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    Yes, sometimes when you are having a bad mood and you need to assess a lot of patients in the hospital its very hard to maintain the smile in your face.
  16. radascars

    Have you tried bottled air?

    There are certain individuals and companies that are making some electric powered vehicles and such and I don't really think that in the future we are going to be polluted as there are group of individuals that advocates the care for environment. Knowing that people in every countries are now...
  17. radascars

    Have you tried bottled air?

    Its very unfortunate that there's a place where air are very polluted, why make a change and just remove all those things that contributes to the polluted air. :) I know its difficult to do but its possible. They don't deserve to pay just for a clean air.
  18. radascars

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    Its not really hard to smile even if you feel like your having a bad day. You just need to relax and control your emotions and try to smile as much as you can, trying and trying will bring you positive thoughts and it in the end you find your self smiling naturally. :D
  19. radascars

    Showering before bed? Bad for you?

    Wow nice research Cecil! I love it! Thanks for this wonderful information you've got! I didn't know that taking shower is a natural way to revitalize our body and mind! I will take note of this!
  20. radascars

    Hello, everyone.

    Hi there Gina! Welcome to PD forum, there's a lot of topic you can join and have fun here! Hope to have a good conversation with you :D