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  1. namktqs

    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    Don't try working hard on something forget about everything else people need to balance. That work require people need to control emotion when do things don't so excitement work on it will all time but people need make sure it is growing. People really happy and success when they really...
  2. namktqs

    I don't wanna fight with rejection

    People will surprise when I said that, that mean I don't matter what it is or what it can affect to me. Here is my story. I really love play volleyball, when people call me to play while I am playing table tennis, I decide stop playing it and go out to play volleyball but when I come to they...
  3. namktqs

    You hear someone said you have all everything you need?

    Might you want to ask some knowledge to do something, or how to success at something... my answer is you know everything enough to help you success on it and it really worth with you desire on. Problem is you need serious to look on things happen or look on what keep you living and what are...
  4. namktqs

    Simple try to experience things

    If you don't have any ideas for something, let give a chance try to do it simple with wish for fun and experience. This case you choose to do it with learn carefully. Then you will have new see on things around you.
  5. namktqs

    Doubt something?

    People always doubt their ability of success, they think don't deserve happy and achieve great things in their life. They try to do something, have some challenges in process and they decide give up, they can't do it, it not fit with them. Real problem is with this their level of knowledge...
  6. namktqs

    Why need want it bad enough to success?

    I mean success is talking about achieve goals or done something. They fear to do many things that they never do same before (don't know how, don't sure get results, doubt their ability success, lack of faith...) So people should write down their goals, make it specific. With more specific will...
  7. namktqs

    Gain health with sleep

    Don't work too hard, efforts too much. Because your body and your mind need to relax. So you can have more sleep. With good sleep you will gain your health fast and have balance in life. Have more creative on your work. If you lose your health, you will spend many time and money into yourself to...
  8. namktqs

    Why you need accept something you don't want?

    In relationship always have things you don't want happen, you should to clear about this "things you don't want" First case: IT might cause by your partner make it with his or her control. Because don't want together with you so they make things happen that you don't want. Then you should have...
  9. namktqs

    Instant feel good about yourself

    If you make mistake and feel bad about yourself right now, let through my short tip below really useful: Think about everyone also make mistakes, you should allow that happen to you, you are human, you are in process of grow and get experience. No one was born with perfect knowledge and skill...
  10. namktqs

    My efforts give my happy

    I am married and I sure that there are many people same to me in this forum, and today I wanna give my opinion about what I am doing with relationship. To have good relationship I always must to efforts to take care for it, and this is what I am doing: +Always be trust with my partner: I don't...
  11. namktqs

    To be do less and worry less still get things done

    If you are manager or leader of a team, you must make something to can be more person that do less, worry less still get things done as you want. + Don't do something if you don't really must to do: So you should require other people in team do that for you. You must take time to do other...
  12. namktqs

    I need relax while want to something

    I will don't give up on things I want but sometime I want to relax in process and i did it. I think it is good for everyone, because we need have balance on health, on relationship... How about people?
  13. namktqs

    4 Tips to healthy and fitness

    Positive thoughts: Everything can change even bad situation so always focus on positive, if you want to be health or fitness let focus on think about what and how make you healthy more, and fitness more. Exercise regular: You can choose any type of exercise that fit with you. Eat with good...
  14. namktqs

    If law of attraction don't work for you? You must read this

    This very important to make law of attraction worked that I figure out. It depend you. If law of attraction don't work for you or you don't know what is most important to help you going far in life then blow is few things important you need to know: +You must believe in abundance and wealth...
  15. namktqs

    My enjoy today - Here is how I have power to do that?

    I personal think if today I don't feel good, don't fun or happy might life will regret and happen same the way. In fact I figure out I can decide to enjoy today by do things I want, connect to more people with fun, with help or simple to get into with people. I also have little control myself...
  16. namktqs

    Do you regular or have habit read book to improve yourself?

    Because this way really good to get more, achieve more, open things we can do more, solve our problem more. If people want to change their life, the first things they must to do is change themselves, change the way they see everything, the way they do, things they get into and do... It mean...
  17. namktqs

    This is how I solved my procrastination? You can benefit with it too

    There are many reason for people have procrastination and there are difference reasons with difference things. But I want to focus on one thing: that is about things you still must to do. Because there are something people need to do, it might is right now or next time, but they must to do...
  18. namktqs

    There are something wrong with me?

    In fact there are time I feel so bad when try to do something to unlimited my interesting like watch a movie with long series film. Then I feel very tired, I know that, I can really experience and feel it at that time but I don't matter do something or decide to stop that. What you will do...
  19. namktqs

    What parent will teach their children in life?

    It is to be successful, healthy, happy... What about success need to teach? that is need to help other to achieve thing they want, need focus, commitment, efforts to success. Always keep learn and practice until get result. Follow their dream, do with passion. Must keep lifestyle balance and...
  20. namktqs

    How to have good relationship with marriage?

    First of all people have love something in together. And need to respect other people, allow your partner have power to make decision at something and you stay on with situation of expert give advice not on decide it. Respect their hobby, time private, things they want to do. Have same goal...