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    I want kids but my girlfriend doesn't want them... what should I do?

    If you have a real sit down, serious conversation about it and it is clear that she doesn't want children, I would take a break from the relationship. This I imagine is a deal breaker for you, and if you're not sure if it's a deal breaker, I would definitely take some time off the relationship...
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    How to stop desiring women. I'm committed to self-betterment

    Taking medication to lower your libido in my opinion is a terrible idea. Your body is fine, and adding an unnecessary medication is really bad for you. Instead take that energy and learn to focus it on channeling on the project. Think of olympic athletes who are not allowed to release sexual...
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    How do you change your life when you're sick and physically limited?

    And by the way it's not a "disorder" it's lyme disease.
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    How do you change your life when you're sick and physically limited?

    What kind of a response is that? If I'm taking medications, please continue? Seriously, duh you think? Give me a break.
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    New member

    Hi Erwin!
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    Hello everyone !

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    How Do Empaths Protect Themselves?

    I'm an empath. Breathing excercises, visualization, meditation, sage burning, grounding (walking on the earth with bare feet), crystals, etc. I basically do my best to have as much positive healing input in my physical body, my mind and spirit, and let go of anything negative. When I'm out I...
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    How important is spirituality in personal development?

    I think it's important because the people I know of who are successful by society's standards are not happy and have no connection to themselves, those around them or nature. I think spirituality is really about connection with self & other, so without that, there's a missing piece.
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    What lies beyond the boundary of the infinite universe

    Fractals. Never ending Universes :)
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    How Powerful Do you Believe You Are?

    Could humans at one time create without action? - Yes, I believe so without a doubt. As author Graham Hancock says, we are a species with amnesia. Is knowledge being suppressed? - Yes most definitely. Have external factors hindered our ability to do this? - Yes. I believe there are many...
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    Self-Discipline Can Be So Difficult

    There are a few things that help me with self-discipline. One thing is to not overthink things. I also cut the bs with myself as often as possible. I ask myself "what is the attachment here?" or "why is this so hard?" and I get real with myself. I recognize the mental stories and emotions that...
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    How do you change your life when you're sick and physically limited?

    Hey thank you for your reply. I have done some juice cleanses and will continue to do them. I struggle a lot in this area but I'm becoming more disciplined. I have reduced a lot of stress but I'm not able to eliminate all external stresses so this is where I've utilized meditation. I also watch...
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    What Books Are You Reading?

    Awesome thread! I will refer to this to add to my book shelf! I'm currently reading an easy-to-read fiction called My not so perfect life by Sophie Kinsella. It's a chick-lit book and not one of the many personal development or health books that I am usually drawn to but it's a huge victory for...
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    Thoughts of optimisim

    I used to try to think positively and it made me feel worse, and then I found that other people had the same challenge. I then realized that I needed to get to the emotion that was attached to the thought, the story that I was playing in my head. I'm now working in that way which is much more...
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    Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

    I have a lot of limiting beliefs that I am now aware of. My main one is that I'm not deserving, of, joy, life, nothing. I understand where it comes from and there is a lot of unprogramming to be done to change this. I'm on that journey now.
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    What inspires you?

    Being in nature, walking along the river near my home or walking on trails. Books, cooking new recipes, learning in general. My cat's so cute and inspires me to have more fun (I don't have any fun or happy people in my life so she is the main source of it). Seeing parents pulling...
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    Your Meditation Experience

    I love how you said "I welcomed it with love and acceptance but I did not attach to it.". Very useful for working with anxiety in general.
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    How do you change your life when you're sick and physically limited?

    Hi, I have a chronic neurological disease that has no known cure and I'm really scared because this illness is what made me wake up from a life of living the bare minimum of my potential and now that I have woken up I can't do much. I'm 37 and very much want to heal and change my life. I have...
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    Living with regrets vs. Having no regrets

    Until recently I didn't think I really had regrets because I felt like I had always done the best I could with what I had, then I started to feel regret for a few things. Now I'm realizing that deep down, regardless of logic, I deeply regret almost every decision I've ever made. I can't believe...