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  1. iwillbemyself

    Empty but nice period

    I am going through a period of my life where I feel I have no more certainty. I'm stdiando from a year away and on my return all my friends seem different, boring, far from how I am. My family is there and loves me, but not enough to feel satisfied. I don't have a girlfriend, and my friends from...
  2. iwillbemyself

    Winning Mind: what is it? how to create it?

    I read many stories of succesful people and the only things I noticed reading is that they are different in how they react at the situation and how to interpret them. I found many books about the motivation, the life of our dream, and so on. Everybody were very interesting, by the way I would...
  3. iwillbemyself

    how make peace whith my fellings and will be able to love?

    Hello everyone! I'm one of the those person that seems to be completely normal in its own life: good and funny boy, nice to everyone whith many friends, graduated and athletic, sometimes a little clumsy. The real problem in my life that make me feel inclomplete are the relationships. I have...
  4. iwillbemyself

    Hello evereyone!

    Hi I'm an italian guy of 23 years old, and a part of my personal improvement is to learn Enhglish. I write on this forum to share my ideas whith people of different countries and to heard new point of view.