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  1. Rinat Saber

    Starting Something New

    I totally agree with. Thank for sharing the article. I'd say courage is muscle and can be built up over time. Just by starting small and incrementally increasing the challenge. If you go to the gym now and try to bench press 400 lbs. would you be able to do it? Probably not. LOL But if you...
  2. Rinat Saber

    Boosting self-confidence

    Confidence comes from competence. If you are not certain of your abilities than its going to show in how you carry out a task. The key to building confidence is taking small incremental action that build your trust in your own abilities. Ex: I can't workout out for 1 hour at they gym for 3-4...
  3. Rinat Saber

    The Compound Effect

    Thank you sharing Kevin. I used to feel sad, and helpless in my life. I one think I consistently began to implement was a 15 minute daily gratitude walk. It's where I intentionally list allowed things I'm most greatful for, my fortune of living in America, having assess to the internet, my...
  4. Rinat Saber

    The Truth To Losing Weight Naturally & Excellent Tips

    Most people know what to do but don't do it. The problem with weight loss is not that we don't know a strategy. If we google how to loose weight we will be given millions of articles and resources. But why is most of America still overweight with hypertension and diabetes destroying their lives...
  5. Rinat Saber

    Lessons from La La Land

    Great point Kevin! Don't even get me started on the school system LOL.
  6. Rinat Saber

    The benefits of brain training

    I totally agree and appreciate the article. I particularly liked when you said, "When you concentrate on what's possible and think less about obstacles, the possibility of success is much greater. Envisioning the worst outcomes will set you on a road of doubt and it will also drain your energy."...
  7. Rinat Saber

    Your definition of a wise person (wisdom)

    I see an old man with long white beard. :D
  8. Rinat Saber

    Books about personal beliefs and philosophies?

    Beliefs and philosophies can be difficult to identify at time. It's like a fish in the water, it may not know water exists because all it knows is water. It's not until we are pulled out of our environment that we can distinguish our beliefs and philosophies. I admire the fact you are willing to...
  9. Rinat Saber

    Lessons from La La Land

    I haven't seen the movie but I was intrigued by the story. It is quite a risk when making such a major life decision. I don't think this wise to depend on a 9-5 to develop you personally. It may provide the challenges necessary to look for solutions. Taking responsibility for your personal...
  10. Rinat Saber


    Well said :)
  11. Rinat Saber


    Thanks for the post Sukhveer! I totally agree. I noticed that when I set a goal it tends to distract me from the process. The process is what producers the results. Habits are what sustain the execution of the process. It goes: HABITS ==> PROCESS ==> RESULTS By prioritizing the phases to...
  12. Rinat Saber

    Be Happy Now

    Great post! I certainly don't hope to be happy as I once did. Instead I now demand happiness of myself with a simple 10 minute morning ritual. I call it my Gratitude Walk. 1. I walk outside and with a big (intentional) smile breath deeply about 20 times. 2. I thank God for all the progress...
  13. Rinat Saber

    New to the Forum... Greetings from Rinat! :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Rinat. I'm originally from Kazakhstan (pic below). My parents decided to move to America after being repeatedly threatened by local Mafia members. Thankfully, we got our new start in Brooklyn, New York in 1998 and later moved to Minnesota where I live now. As...
  14. Rinat Saber

    Goal oriented vs System oriented

    Love this question perfectlytoned! Having a hybrid of Goals and Systems is a wise idea for a couple of reasons. 1. GOALS: The pros of goals is that you have clarity about that you want and when you want to achieve it. This gives your mind a target, which is better than just letting life...
  15. Rinat Saber

    [book] Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, translated and adapted by Stephen Mitchell (10/10)

    Hey Frode, love the video. I haven't read the book yet, but I love this one quote by him that I had to make a quote pic of it.
  16. Rinat Saber

    [book] Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, translated and adapted by Stephen Mitchell (10/10)

    Hey Frode, love the video. Haven't read the book yet, but I loved this one quote that I had to make a quote post from it...
  17. Rinat Saber

    What is Personal Development?

    Love the quote from Brian Tracy. There truly no need to reinvent the wheel. That's why I love the concept of modeling. It's simple, someone has already been where you wan to go. Why try to figure it out on your own. Like Jim Rohn said, "Success leaves clues." I've personally found that success...
  18. Rinat Saber

    Posting rules

    Awesome thread msuccess! Thank you for creating a community of personal development enthusiasts. The road to success can be so lonely sometimes, at least for me it has, I'm just glad to connect with like minded individuals. Blessings.