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  1. allthethoughts

    What are the goals you’re working towards?

    Good for you. I hope you have a lot of success. I think that's a great goal.
  2. allthethoughts

    How to kill the desire to eat unnecessarily.

    I came up with an idea to keep myself from buying unnecessary snacks and eating more than I should. So far, it hasn’t fully kept my hands off of the chocolate, but I certainly haven’t been snacking and buying unnecessary food whenever I go to a store, which is a major improvement for me. (By...
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    Have you tried bottled air?

    I know some people won’t like me for saying this. And, I don’t like to disregard things without knowing anything about them yet. But, honest first impression upon hearing this, it sounds like a joke, and I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. But, I would love to see some comedy skits about...
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    Addicted to drugs

    If this is something you are dealing with, good for you for looking for information that will help you. And good luck. I wish I could offer something helpful. I don’t have anything helpful to tell you unfortunately. Just want to encourage you to keep going. If there’s a way for one person...
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    Introducing myself

    Nice to meet you. I like reading the posts here. But it seems like people don’t respond much. Anyway, I’m new, too. If you don’t mind me asking, what things that you’ve hear/read/etc. have resonated with you most since your interest in personal development began?
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    do you guys think i creep her out when i saw her and i just stood there and look at her from afar but then look away?

    I think it’s impossible to know whether or not you creep her out without knowing the history between you two. If there hadn’t been any, I’d say no. I think it would be unusual for something so small to creep someone out. Maybe it’s a coincidence that her boyfriend is picking up her food now. Or...
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    What is definition of happiness for you?

    I totally agree with this. I think gratitude is the ability to recognize the value of the things that we have. So, even if we had everything we needed in order to be happy, except for gratitude, we might feel as if we have nothing of importance. It would be impossible to be happy that way...
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    What are the goals you’re working towards?

    There are a lot of things I want to do. I’m still deciding whether not to go after certain things. But, right now my focus is on building great habits for mental and physical health so that I can more affectively go after any current or future goals that I have. I used to have a couple really...
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    I hate daily routines. Is that okay?

    I’ve seen the advice “Have a daily routine.” everywhere. So I’ve tried it. And for the first day or two, it’s nice to tick the boxes and feel like I’ve had a productive day. But any longer than that, and I start to feel bored and stuck. I’ve tried changing my schedule around to combat that, but...