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    What's the hardest part of being a parent?

    seeing my kids sick is the hardest of all, i agree to you. You never wanted them to be sick we always do our best to keep them healthy. We never wanted them to suffer.
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    How could you be a better parent?

    Each of us has different style of parenting. But experts suggest ways to become a better parents. It no question since they performed several researches before declaring it.
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    What is your opinion on Homeschool?

    It's good but it deprives the kids to interact with others.
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    Choosing a House of Worship

    Some people depends on the majority. either inside the house, the community and friends.
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    What do we call on those blasphemous? Are they considered atheist too? There's no denying that there are famous who are showy on their practice of the other side. Are they atheist too?
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    Do you believe in miracles?

    I always believe and have faith in miracles. I know most of us believe only in what we see but in the scriptures Jesus said, believe first and you'll see. It's faith that lead us to believe in God and his loving mercy.
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    Are there any Christians here? and if so,do you still believe in a coming Christ?

    I agree with you in fact everything that was said is happening now. I am praying that my family will be one of the chosen ones.
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    Why do you celebrate christmas?

    Ever since I was a kid I never remembered a Christmas that we haven't celebrated. It was later then when I leaned what Christmas is all about. It's all about love, happiness and thanksgiving. It's celebrating the birth of Jesus.
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    Afraid of Friday the 13th?

    There's nothing about Friday the 13th, I think. They just try to scare people about the bad lucks of that day. It's just the same ordinary day.
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    Debate On Religions

    That's why I don't want to debate with anybody about their religions and I feel if I'm invited to convert, they just wanted to say that my religion is not good or not fit for me. I hate hearing others say bad about my religion but I just don't mind them.
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    What is your view about Church Offering and Tithing

    Seek first the kingdom of God and everything will be given to you. Do you know the passage in Malachi? This answers all about tithes and offerings. Malachi 3:8-12 New International Version (NIV) 8 “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me. “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “In tithes...
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    How Strong Is Your Faith?

    Who could ever prove that one's faith is strong? Only Jesus proven himself of having a strong faith to his father in fact even saints sometimes question God and lose his faith but why do they become saints? It's because when faith lost they cling to God and have Him guide their ways, and...
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    Do you attempt to convert others?

    No. You can share your faith with others and share words of wisdom with them but I'm not desperate enough to convert them because conversion is a person's own free will. If they saw the light of God in me and wanted to become like me or they agree to my beliefs then it's up to them to follow me...
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    Giving Up Everything For Faith

    Religion can't save us. What is important is that you follow Christ, believe in God and do good will. However, giving up everything for faith, I can't say I can but I can't say I can't too. I don't know if we could answer this question directly. It needs meditation, thinking and prayer.
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    Ultimate Question: Where Did God Came From?

    No one could ever answer this it's just our faith that keeps us believing that God existed. About where He came from, it's still a mystery.
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    Angels & Demons: Really Existing?

    As for me, I believe on those two creations and I believe they exist in heaven, hell and earth.
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    Praying before sleep? or when waking up?

    Ever since I was young I was taught to pray before and after you sleep. Yes, I do often time during before sleep but when I wake up, I just rush out from the bed and do breakfast. I know it's really important to pray, ask for guidance, protection, blessing and most of all to acknowledge God in...
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    Carry your own cross?

    I agree with you bniel. Sacrifice the core meaning of this. Remember the life of Isaac? He was sacrificed by his father Abraham just to follow God's order. Because of that, God was delighted and blessed Abraham. The story of Jesus's death is the true meaning of sacrifice and love. Because of...
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    What is your concept on the after-life?

    Yes, I agree with you after death we are judged if we can enter heaven or hell but I also believe there's what we call purgatory where everyone is placed and on the second coming will be the judgement day.
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    I feel so guilty. I think I contributed to something to make my church fall. I'm not active in going to church anymore. I'm not practicing what I learned. I am one of the people now who are not thinking about their faith but money and power. It's all my fault. I don't want to live my life away...