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    A new self improvement method

    For several years I have been working with a self improvement org. Behind it there are many years of studies and research that we are always carrying out. After many years, the decision was made to spread the project online. I wanted to leave you a small presentation that I hope you will like it...
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    Autologie - A Study of self!

    Hello there everyone, i'm new here, just posted some few comments and i really like this forum because i can share my knowledge with like-minded people and learn a lot. Just feels like home :) So, I wanna show you my Self-development project called Autologie. As the name implies it is a study...
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    Do you use any personal development system?

    Hello there people! I'm new here, trying to make some new friends and share my experiences with you! I would like to know if you use some personal development system/path and how you feel about that! :)
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    Autologie a new method for self improvement!

    Hello everybody! Autologie is the newest and most revolutionary way to approach life, existence and It's mechanics, giving the individual a better control of his abilities. Follow @autotheisticautologies on instagram for more content about human existence and behaviour. We are building a serious...