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    Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

    Meditation soothes your mind and makes you think with clarity.
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    3 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Waist and a More Youthful Face

    Who doesn't like a slim body? When you eat healthy and burn your calories you can have the enviable figure of models. Eat healthy also.
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    The importance to be yourself

    You are right. Unless you are yourself you become a non-entity. You are forgotten and thrust aside by this harsh world. Never lose your identity.
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    10 Unique Date Ideas for Happy Couples! :)

    Marriage does not age. It is your attitude towards your spouse that changes as years go by. If you are truly in love with your spouse, years add more love. It is strange to see couples outgrowing each other after a few years of marriage. Keep the spark between you alive and kicking...
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    How right you are. Marriage is a long journey between two people from diversified family background. Unless there is mutual love and care your married life meanders about aimlessly. I had always been interested in marriage relationship as I enjoyed 18 years of excellent relationship with my...
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    5 Best Ways To Protect Cyber Bullying On Teens

    Parenting is getting tougher day by day. Modern technology is very important to be develop your knowledge, but it has its own drawbacks. You should be very watchful in monitoring the internet activities of your children...
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    "Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right"

    You are very right. You are what you think you are. I too have felt the same. You can easily create your destiny if you are totally focused on it. Read my article which I had written from my experience.
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    Be Happy Now

    Happiness is a mindset. It can be developed. Most of us search for happiness outside without knowing it exists within us. Loving yourself is the easiest way to be happy.
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    Do you believe that everybody should follow their Passion in Life?

    Your passion is your dream. Unless you have a dream your life will be very mediocre. The simple trick is to have an attainable dream. You cannot dream of becoming a millionaire without working hard, can you?
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    How to SLEEP Your Way to Better Health {Infographic}

    Good sleep is a treasure. Unless you have good sleep you feel tired and listless the next day. The lifestyle of modern youth is pitiable. They lead a sedentary lifestyle. They are awake till the early hours of morning and sleep through...
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    Life is uncertain except...

    Yes, life is indeed uncertain. As you said failures are part and parcel of life. In fact failures teach us more lessons than success. As long as you keep trying you can hope for success. But most of us just let go without knowing success is round the corner. When failure after failure threatened...