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  1. Ethanbridges

    Positive thinking DOES NOT WORK!

    Wow. This thread has gone a long way. And I didn't notice it's quite old now. Great discussion. J E Roberson, you do know how to start a conversation :) I'd have to agree with D Arlando above, though. We are surrounded by negativity. And deciding to just cancel that out, to replace it with...
  2. Ethanbridges

    Spouse that dismisses anything to do with Personal Development?

    Hello again Quest. This is what comes to mind: "Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners." I must say I've been through this scenario: I tried my "best" to tell someone what they should do, or their mistakes, and I *felt* like they saw me as judgmental. Of course, I hate judging...
  3. Ethanbridges

    Can seem to take real action...

    Hey Mae, yeah that's a good one. Oh, I love that guy. :)
  4. Ethanbridges

    Can seem to take real action...

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Quest. I wish you luck. I would like to follow your "Quest" even. :) I'm pretty pumped up and inspired, if you ask me. So thanks for that, too. We're all in this personal development together! This forum is grrreat!
  5. Ethanbridges

    Can seem to take real action...

    Quest, sorry for my late reply; I must have missed this. That's a good article/link you put right there, and to be honest, Barrie's great. She has some posts that really hit me to the bones I'm left with questioning nothing. She's the real deal. Anyway... I can't tell you exactly what I did or...
  6. Ethanbridges

    Can seem to take real action...

    Way to go, Quest! Have you actually identified what's keeping you from getting things done? I think you're only distracted, or being hard on yourself. I even find it quite counterintuitive--perhaps you think way too much about the personal development stuff you read/listen to? (I'm just...
  7. Ethanbridges

    More Energy, minimal effort

    Yeah, I'm gonna try this. :) Thanks, Nha!
  8. Ethanbridges

    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    Real, physical books for me, always has been. Although I have a feeling I'll be giving ebooks a shot soon.
  9. Ethanbridges

    What should I do??

    Deal with the dog first. It may be hard. (We have 6 dogs.) I love them all, but they should not stop me from doing what I love. Have you tried looking for options? I mean not necessarily putting him/her to a shelter. Maybe you have dog-lover friends? You can have them watch over him while...
  10. Ethanbridges

    Do you find it hard to say no?

    I think I've improved to 70-30, 70 being No, I don't find saying "No" hard. Saying "No" is a must. It just so happens that we must say it most of the time. :censored:
  11. Ethanbridges

    Who Inspires you?

    You're welcome! After I'm done with this batch of books, I'm gonna get myself a Seth Godin book, too!
  12. Ethanbridges

    Who Inspires you?

    I thought about my family right away upon reading the title. :D I don't have a one-person inspiration. There are a lot of them, and some aren't "big names". But to name a few: James Altucher Maria Popova Leo Babauta Ramit Sethi Seth Godin I choose "a lot" of them because I think I always find...
  13. Ethanbridges

    "friend zone"?

    Now that I think about it, the existence of friend zone would depend on people, but I'm inclined to 80% it does not exist, 20% it does. And yup, this could probably be how Chandler and Monica saw it, too. :D People say they're "stuck" in the friend zone but only because at that given moment...
  14. Ethanbridges

    IS YOUR LIFE YOURS? (Give Your Opinion Now)

    I'm a believer of a higher power. I believe I initiated or made all the decisions for my life. I'm thankful for everything. I'm a believer. :)
  15. Ethanbridges

    Not One Way to Live

    Nice one, Patrick. I like it. I have a question for you, though. (Just popped up; sorry! :D) What if anyone thinks their way is the pinnacle for someone else (in a wonderful/good way)? :)
  16. Ethanbridges


    I am honestly happy for you, Patrick. Keep it up! I am an advocate for clarity, too!
  17. Ethanbridges

    Good and Bad of Social Media

    I wanted to share a link but wasn't sure. I hope this helps (though not really in the context of guns and violence). Check it out, it's a post made last month: "Insecure, narcissistic people more likely to post on Facebook – report" on RT (dot) com. Facebook has been creating some buzz (again)...
  18. Ethanbridges

    Which Path?

    Brian, Three things: 1. The amount of time you really want and you're comfortable with for each passion of yours. Consider all other factors to decide on this--the enjoyment, the money, your energy, etc. Of course, use it only as a guide. You don't have to strictly stick with it. I have an...
  19. Ethanbridges

    What Books Are You Reading?

    Currently on Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Great lists guys. Keep 'em coming please! (y)
  20. Ethanbridges


    There's no argument. GJ didn't speak about not taking risks at all. Hey Chris! Greetings from a random internet dude to another! :cool: I agree with all that you said, but it isn't something to worry about, I think. People will eventually know who to believe, eh? I support healthy...