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    (Video) Watch This If You're 23 [Motivation]

    You've got this!
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    Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Make Money

    Thanks a lot man, really appreciate that! Sure, by all means send them over, I'd love to have a read!
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    tips for passive income

    I've been focused on this topic a lot myself lately - so much so that I've literally just been making videos on this very question. I think it can help you get some ideas. YouTube is a brilliant method if you can put in the work upfront, but ideally you would mix in some other passive income...
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    I lack motivation and my life is boring

    You just need to find something you're interested in to work on - when you don't have that sense of purpose of working towards something it's almost impossible to feel motivated. Unfortunately you need some trial and error to find out what that 'thing' actually is for you. If you're at all...
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    Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Make Money

    Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Make Money When people hear YouTube they think 'youtuber', and although there is money to be made from Google's in-built ad system, YouTube also poses a HUGE opportunity for anyone looking to sell a product/service online. The people who are seriously...
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    What can I do now?

    It's tough for us to give you a valuable answer here when we don't know what you're interested in, good at, or motivated by. It's great you're getting up early - I've definitely found that can help boost your productivity, but obviously it's a little pointless if you're not doing anything with...
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    Personal Development Lessons From Popular TV Characters

    Hey everyone, it's great to be amongst ambitious like-minded people in this community! I wanted to share with you a free series that combines important personal development lessons with popular TV characters, in an effort to make the lessons even more engaging. Although I'm not claiming to be...
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    5 Things WRONG With Our Goals (How To Set Goals & Achieve Them)

    We all know how useful goals can be, so what's another goal-setting tip you'd add to this list? :) Hope it helps!
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    Self Improvement questions! Things to do in place of time wasting :)

    Welcome, you'll find lots of all of that here! Good luck! :)
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    The impact of Personal Coaching

    I didn't used to buy into it, because I always just thought 'there's so much free information out there, what can a coach tell me?' But having seen people have a lot of success with it, I've come to realise that a coach/mentor can really help to provide accountability and make the whole process...
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    Boosting self-confidence

    Confidence can definitely be learned. I used to be extremely shy, but have found that we control the narrative of our life story. If you tell yourself you're an unconfident person, you just become less and less confident. I don't like the phrase 'fake it till you make it', but there is a bit of...
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    3 Signs You Will Be A Great Leader One Day

    Any fans of The Office here? Here's a lighthearted video about why Michael Scott was actually a great leader, and the leadership lessons we can all learn from him! Best of luck on your leadership journeys! You've got this!
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    The Daily Schedule of Winners!“How to Make An Effective Schedule”

    100% agree with both posts here. I think you need both short-term goals and a daily schedule, but also that long-term vision of your 'ideal life' that will keep pulling you forward when times are hard. Stay focused on that vision!
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    New User Seeking Financial Advice

    Welcome Brock, is there anything specific you are most interested in? Saving? Investing? Or just general finances?
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    If you want to make a lot of money, ideally it's about finding something that fits the following 3 criteria: - there's a demand from others for it (even if that's quite a small niche audience, that's fine, as long as there's demand) - you are reasonably good at it or are able to learn - you...
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    Has anyone paid $1000-$2000 (or more) for an online course?

    It's a tough one, because it's hard to put a price on information. It's true that using the info, you could go on and make far, far more money than the price of the course (if you're willing to put in the work to implement it). But there's also no guarantee of that of course. You essentially...