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    Have bad luck? The Universe is trying to tell you something

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It's really appreciated.
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    Signs or coincidences?

    Yes I also find that people receive messages in different ways. I'll be sure to check out your recommendations.
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    Have bad luck? The Universe is trying to tell you something

    Thanks for your input! I believe that we are the Universe so it makes total sense that we are telling ourselves something. I am also happy you made that resolution... also personal growth. All the best!
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    Have bad luck? The Universe is trying to tell you something

    After a week from hell, I am currently taking a leave of absence from work for a few months. With lots of reflection time, I realize bad things don't happen to us. They often react of us and sometimes, with good intentions. I believe the Universe was trying to tell me something important that...
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    Congratulations on your blog! I am also trying to get my blog up and running. I will check your out :) Good luck
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    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Great article. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I love that you added get outside of your comfort zone. That may be the one thing that really helped build my confidence. I am going to try to celebrate my wins and accomplishments!!
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    Finding yourself again!

    Very thorough post. Meditation is one of the things that keep me grounded. Even if my world is (appears to be) in shambles, when I connect to my breath it reminds me that nothing else besides that moment matters. You're right about finding a hobby or activity. I love Spirituality and personal...
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    Foods That Can Help Fight Depression

    I do believe there are cases of severe depression not exclusively routed in diet. But the reality is that we often live lifestyles so different than the one we are meant to live. We are not in nature, we work long hours most days, our time is taken up by electronics, we eat man made substances...
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    Signs or coincidences?

    Thanks for your reply. It's comforting to know there are other like minded people in the world.
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    Signs or coincidences?

    I see signs everyone. In my dreams, through numbers and other objects. The more in tune I am with my Spirit the more I see these signs. I get so much comfort and reassurance from these moments. A lot of people think these happenings are coincidences. They could be but what's the fun in that? I...
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    How Do You View Your Current Work Situation?

    Interesting post and I am like minded. Up until the past couple years, I spent my time working during the summer so I can pay for my tuition during the year. Now that I have a "career", I work full-time. I have been feeling stifled and stagnant. I tell myself everyday that there is got to be...
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    I just traveled for work on the wrong week. I am always so distracted, how to improve?

    Mindfulness. Be in the present moment. Slow down and take the time to write lists of things you need to do/need to remember.
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    Great! I'll private message you,
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    Is it Better to Change One String at a Time?

    Interesting analogy. I'd say one at time! Even if we do a little at a time. We as humans are not great at multitasking
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    But I'm not opposed to sharing old content, if you would rather!
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    I'm thinking some new and exclusive. What did you have in mind?
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    Hey guys! I've been busy working on my new blog. I'm looking to network with other bloggers in a similar niche (spirituality and self-improvement) and to guest post. Please let me know if you're interested! I would love to learn/work with you. You can visit my blog by clicking the link in the...
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    Tips from other bloggers

    Great advice :)
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    Living with regrets vs. Having no regrets

    "bad" things that happen are learning situations. If we regret them, it's because we haven't learned from them yet :)
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    I have a hard time getting things done...

    Allow yourself to do one task a day as opposed to overwhelming yourself. Maybe monday you clean the bath and tuesday you clean the floors and etc. From there, you can set yourself a schedule to follow. Also, before you leave a room give it a quick tidy up before you leave. That way you don't...