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  1. summerRain

    Ten Things Maybe Some Girls Don’t Know About Guys

    I am actually smiling while I am reading this thread... This is absolutely true! 7. When a guy is sharing his problems to you, it means that he really needs someone to talk to. Sometimes you just have to listen. ---- My fiance always do that.. He just want me to listen with all of his...
  2. summerRain

    True Love Requires Time & Effort

    I totally agree with you.. It is very important that the one you love is not only your partner, but also your BESTFRIEND. Someone that you can talk about anything. Someone that understand you and loves you for who you are. Someone who knows all about your flaws, your failures but still love you...
  3. summerRain

    Tips for dealing with a breakup?

    When dealing with breakups, support groups are very important. One way to ease the pain is t0 slowly learn to live without your ex-partner. How are you going to do that? Do your daily routines, and because he/she is no longer part of your life, find an alternative. Hang out with your friends...
  4. summerRain

    When In A Fight: Forget The Past

    As for myself, sometimes I do bring up the past mistakes, the past arguments, the past problems... My fiance always tell me that we should never bring up the past (and even if I am mad at him, I still listen and do what he say as long as it is for the better). If you will bring up the past, it...
  5. summerRain

    Are there distinct clues that someone wants to split up?

    If he started to change his treatment about you, probably there is something wrong. If he doesn't spend some time with you, maybe (just maybe) he is getting bored with your companionship. If he always yell at you or he is quite moody, it is either he have a problem OR he is no longer into...
  6. summerRain

    Time to Yourself Each Day

    A time for myself means chilling, relaxing, and sleeping. Watching movies is also part of my "Pamper-Myself Routine". The time that you are referring to is the time which is very important in any individual. Despite the busy schedule, I always make sure that I have time for myself.
  7. summerRain

    Whats your view on cheating?

    Cheating is understable if only done ONCE, but if your partner cheated on you for the second time around after forgiving him the first time he did that, it is not acceptable. Personally, I have been cheated on. Nobody is perfect. There are some times that you will do something wrong, but you...
  8. summerRain

    Do You Enjoy Walking?

    I forgot to mention about taking my beloved dogs for a walk. If you don't have no one to walk with then strolling your cute dogs in the park is perfect for you. You can make your dog and yourself healthy plus you are making other people smile whenever they see your cute pet.
  9. summerRain

    Healthier way to preserve foods

    Some companies were producing it for commercial use. I think they should do some more studies to make sure that this healthy preservative has no harmful side effects.
  10. summerRain

    Healthier way to preserve foods

    Worried about your sodium level specially if you are eating canned goods and salted fish and meat products too much? Afraid of kidney stones and high blood pressure? Protect your kidneys from salt by using an organic preservative. Worry no more because seaweeds can be used as preservatives for...
  11. summerRain

    Whats your view of online dating/meeting online?

    Making friends online is a cool thing to do however, it is not ideal to court someone on the Internet. Although I believe that friendship is the strongest foundation of a relationship but I still prefer a guy who can court me personally and not through online.
  12. summerRain

    Eggplant A Good Vegetable?

    Eggplant omelet is one of my favorite break fast! It is so easy to cook eggplants 'cause you can incorporate it in many recipes. It is a good and healthy extender too. Have you tried adding eggplant in your vegetarian burger?
  13. summerRain

    Water More, Kidney Stones Less

    There are plenty of ways to make re-hydration more fun! Making fruit shakes and fruit juices are one of the best way to do that. You can supply your body with water and at the same time you are feeding yourself with vitamins and antioxidants from fruits. Consuming foods like soups are good habit...
  14. summerRain

    Why Some Foods Are Addictive?

    Sweets like chocolates, cakes and smoothies are really addictive. I consider myself lucky 'cause I can control my cravings even though I have a sweet tooth. I have read a similar fact in a medical way back in college that is why I always watch my comfort food consumption or else I'll be...
  15. summerRain

    Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction

    What a very useful information! I'll start adding cinnamon powder every time I prepare snacks for my mother. The doctor diagnosed my mother with diabetes. Exercise and the right diet is still the best to fight diabetes. Good thing that we always have a jar of cinnamon powder at home 'cause I...
  16. summerRain

    Sensitive people.

    You have to trust your instinct about what is right or wrong. PascaleB is right. You really need to accept the fact that you are sensitive and use it in a positive manner. Don't reject criticism but you should filter and recognize what is healthy criticism and what is not.
  17. summerRain

    The Wonders of Blueberries

    This is one of my favorite fruits and blueberry cheesecake is one of my comfort foods. It is great to know that there are a lot of benefits that you can get from eating this tasty fruits. Thanks for sharing this!
  18. summerRain

    Do you eat breakfast?

    I can't start the day right without my breakfast. This is the first meal of the day and it should be packed with the essential nutrients and must be a complete meal. A lot of studies show that people eating their breakfast can perform better in any activities specially at work.
  19. summerRain

    Beans As Part of A Good Diet

    Vegetarian people get their protein requirements from beans and I agree that this is a healthier way to get your daily protein requirements.
  20. summerRain

    Healthy Benefits of Coconuts

    You can also use coconut water us an Intravenous Fluid replacement during an emergency or if commercially prepared IV fluid is not available.