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  1. moneymakingmom

    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    Many people are spiritual without being part of an organized religion. And, you can worship in any way that feels comfortable for you. Just go with your heart's leading on this one. And, don't feel pressured to lean one way or another. You'll find your own path.
  2. moneymakingmom

    Regular Exercise

    Walking is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow through all parts of the body and easy enough to do even for a beginner who is out of shape or has not exercised in awhile.
  3. moneymakingmom

    Coffee can kill you! And, other food dangers

    It's true that coffee does go through a 'wash' once the coffee bean is harvested. This chemical used to wash the bean might be harmful to the human body, as opposed to the actual coffee bean being dangerous. As you say, there are other factors at work. Maybe coffee companies are adding...
  4. moneymakingmom

    Do we expect too much from life?

    What you said about being satisfied in life and not moving forward makes sense. They used to talk about people who were resting on their laurels, being complacent, stuck in a rut or just meeting the status quo with no ambition. It's so easy to get caught in the habits of life and not strive to...
  5. moneymakingmom

    What would you do if you reached a job plateau and could not advance?

    A good point! Each person travels along their own path, making decisions that work best for them. Just ten years ago, I was highly driven toward a certain goal. Then my daughter was born, and I started focusing inward on my own life, my family and my internal self. Since then, I think that I...
  6. moneymakingmom

    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    Yes! Like I was saying, it's scary to think that an immature person is allowed to make life changing decisions for themselves that will affect their entire lifetime. These college choices will determine whether or not they can earn enough money and live in a nice home or have money to provide...
  7. moneymakingmom

    Do you live in the past?

    Most days, I don't even give the past a second thought. But, there are times when nothing goes right during the day and I run my own pity party and start looking backward. It's a very selfish thing to do. I try not to live in the past or look back at my mistakes cause I have so many precious...
  8. moneymakingmom

    Which Celebrity Inspires You The Most!

    For sure, I'm not inspired by Britney Spears or any other young singer or actress from her generation. To me, they all seem like very irresponsible people. However, I'm impressed by both former US Presidents including Jimmy Carter and former Pres. Bill Clinton cause both have done very...
  9. moneymakingmom

    Making Money Online

    I don't sell actively on Ebay, though I do earn money online other ways writing articles, knols (Google) and hubs. Also, I do some blogging and now even have a forum. It's nice to be able to earn a part time income to cover the groceries that we need for the house.
  10. moneymakingmom

    Coffee can kill you! And, other food dangers

    Drinking too much of any caffeinated beverage is not good for the body. There is always a drawback to every good thing. If you take too much Vitamin A, you could get liver damage. Do you see what I mean? Vitamin A is good for you, but not too much. Same for coffee or tea or caffeinated...
  11. moneymakingmom

    Simple relaxation techniques: tips?

    Awhile back, I picked up a very effective technique for reducing tension and blood pressure during a very stressful time. Take a deep breath through your nose, for a count of five seconds. Hold for five seconds. Then exhale SLOWLY out of your mouth for at least a count of six seconds. Focus...
  12. moneymakingmom

    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    What scares me is that teens really are just kids. Even an 18 year old (who is legally emancipated to leave home and make their own decisions) is just a few short years past their early teens. And, not many teens have actual experience with making BIG decisions. Yet, we expect them to act...
  13. moneymakingmom

    Do You Share Everything With Your Husband/Wife/Partner?

    That's a good point. We all have things about our past that might hurt a partner's feelings. So why share those things? We can't expect our own partners to understand every single thing about the past. Just like we might shudder at some of the events of their past.
  14. moneymakingmom

    Are You Thankful?

    Sometimes, the little things are the biggest things of all. They say there is a hierarchy of needs that have to be met, with basic ones like food, shelter being foremost important with other needs being met afterward. Creative fulfillment is usually not high on the needs list when a person is...
  15. moneymakingmom

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    The patient draws from your strength. If you were to really tell them the futility of the situation or the hopelessness, they might give up the fight to live and just lay there not eating until they passed on. It helps to keep a positive attitude as you said around the patients, even if that...
  16. moneymakingmom

    What would you do if you reached a job plateau and could not advance?

    People skills are very important to advancement in any profession and unfortunately that's not something every person comes by naturally. A wise company will make sure their leadership/managers and employees get additional training in this area cause ultimately the lack of people skills costs...
  17. moneymakingmom

    Have you tried bottled air?

    You are very lucky about that. We live in a small town also, so our air quality is pristine by comparison to the mega city just 100 miles up the road. We would have constant breathing asthma problems if we lived in the big city. And, that's why we chose to move here rather than there. Sure...
  18. moneymakingmom

    Do we expect too much from life?

    And, this is what bothers me so much. I'm always hearing about these giant mega-corporations in America who have enacted hiring freezes and I'm wondering how they can be so unfair. Surely, they are experiencing a sales boom and could easily add on new employees without being too much...
  19. moneymakingmom

    The Dirty Dozen Produce

    I'm very concerned over food quality. It's not just dirt but also pesticides and bacteria that can affect our food supply. Awhile back, there was an outbreak of food poisoning from cut lettuce (bagged salad variety) cause the lettuce farm was located downstream from a pig farm that had been...
  20. moneymakingmom

    Are you taking muti-vitamins as supplement?

    I've been very lax on taking care of my health. After reading your comment the other day, I bought a bottle of multi-vitamins and now everyone in my family takes them. I've felt SO much better since starting my multi-vitamin regime, even with less junk food cravings. Thanks for this advice.