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    Benefits of Pure Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

    Thanks for info:)
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    What is self-control ?

    Hi Nas, The self-control is the capacity to control all the our emotions. This is a thing much difficult because for have this capacity we have need of practice. However every of us can have self-control. So you don't will have problems to know how behave in every situations. If you would like...
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    Hi! On skype I have put the image with the written "believe in yourself". It's that who i have in this forum how profile's image. Make me know if you find me now! My mail is
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    Exposing the Trap of Personal Development

    Hello Roberson. I watched you welcome video. It's very fantastic. My best step is when you say speak of study, practice and implementation. This video have strike me and now i am more strong.
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    5 Basic Steps to control your life

    Thanks very much for video! this video is very fantastic. I knew formerly Tony Robbins and this video i don't have watched still I watched much of his videos who help me for my personal development!
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    You can search me? My Skype name is Simone Leinardi. Make me know if you find me.
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    Hello Kacaonguyen, I have add you on Skype. Make me know if you have receive my message:)
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    Hello Kacaonguyen, I have add you on Skype. Make me know if you have receive my message:)
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    Hello kacaonguyen, For understand the best way for improve your life, will speak you of how I have made. For long time I have try a way for personal development,but there is wanted long time before which I understand how make. This are the stage which I have followed: First-Make a maps of the...
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    Have Full Confidence in your Ability

    Much people think which they don't have ability. This happen because they have a little self-esteem. If they want have success of the life, they should start to change them way of think. Every day focusing on themselves, don't will be difficult become success's people.
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    Hi Allan, very good thoughts. That which I do Today for myself is : - no procrastination, - I think which I can overcome every challenge always - help others - I do exercise physical and mental - I think always how better my life Before of be so, I don't understood which my life was horrible...
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    Here's My Favorite Motivational Video - What's Yours..

    Very great video. I will post a video which strike me.
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    Do You Think it is Truly Possible To Forgive Your Mate

    If your mate is a cheater, i think which you should forgot he. If instead he is cheated only one time, you will can release. Though if you forgiveness he, you don't should remember that which he have made.
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    What is Personal Development?

    For me personal development help we to improve life of all days. Each day we should do a challenge to improve our self-esteem. So Every day we will overcome our fears and we will have always more strength and grit.
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    how Do I Stop Procrastinating? Tools or Advice?

    My advice is make a map with the your goals. Start from the more small that help you at go on the goals more big. Every Day you make an action that there is on the map and once you finished, you put it a sign. This will help you to go for arrive on the long term goal.
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    Morning rituals help with success?

    The morning rituals are very important. If it will come follow it all days, will be possible have great result. Each day I wake up at 6:00 and I do physical exercise for one hour. This help me at start well the day and do the challenge of the day. In the half day I practice meditation for 15...
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    Keeping it Simple! That's the Key

    I very agree. If we remember every day that with we have and how we are lucky of have it, we will can have a life more happy:)
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    My book

    I'm happy Tomas. I will read the next chapters sure.:) Now I read this chapter and aspect the next.:)
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    My book

    Thanks Tomas for have share your chapter fantastic. I like chapter's part where you haven't followed your ego. I hope which you will post other chapters. Tomorrow I will read the part second of the text. Bye:)