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  1. beingwell

    What is your view about Church Offering and Tithing

    To those who are given a lot, a lot is expected in return. I do believe that whatever we give out there, also comes back to us tenfold. I believe in giving tithing to the church or to whichever religious sector each one of us are connected to. If you haven't tried it yet, you can just make an...
  2. beingwell

    Give Us Advise In Starting Up Our Own Business

    Thanks lock! Yeap, I do believe these are the basics of doing business. I've had my own a few years back. When it got too difficult for me, I opted out. I didn't see my plans through. That's why to anyone who's thinking of going into business, you really have to be determined, disciplined and...
  3. beingwell

    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    Nice story! Well, our love story started in university as well. I was freshman and he was an alumni. We saw each other in a school event. We became friends first. Then, in time our friendship developed into something more beautiful! 7 years later, we were wed!
  4. beingwell

    How do you handle arguments with friends?

    If you're really friends with your friends, there are bound to be arguments. The important thing is patching things up and ending up laughing about it. My friends and I have our own disagreements. That's what makes our friendships stronger. We try and understand and forgive each other after a...
  5. beingwell

    How do you discourage a child from smoking or doing drugs when the parent has addictions?

    It's true, when the parents are smoking or drinking, it may be difficult for their kids not to start the habit. I remember when we were young, my friend's parents told him that he can only start smoking when we was his own money to buy his cigarettes. So, while he is still studying and being...
  6. beingwell

    Tips on drinking more water

    Hi kim! Have you tried drinking warm water first thing in the morning. Drink water before eating anything for breakfast or drinking your coffee. They say it can help people who intend to lose some weight. Also, don't drink the entire glass in one big gulp. Take your time. Drink it as if you're...
  7. beingwell

    Meddling In-Laws

    Well, I've learned from my parents that accepting and loving them is the best way to handle in-laws. My in-laws are very nice to my husband and me that's why I don't have this problem. Anyway, it doesn't matter though. I'd still treat them as if they were my own parents. Whatever...
  8. beingwell

    Listen To Music At Night

    That's cool! I say do that thing or practice that makes you feel relaxed and more at peace with yourself. I don't have this habit, but I believe that music is a good way to calm your nerves, especially on a tensed day.
  9. beingwell

    Homeschooling or Private / Public schooling - Which one is good for children?

    Hi vest! I prefer sending my kids to IS rather than be home-schooled. I'd like them to experience playing with other children and be more sociable. There are many things they may learn not only from their teachers, but from their friends, as well.
  10. beingwell

    Home-Based Ab Exercises

    I don't really want to build up abs. I just want a flat tummy. Right now, I'm doing water therapy, running and 50 crunches a day. It's really, really slow. It's as if I'm getting NO progress at all. But still... consistency is the key. I'll continue doing what I'm doing and hopefully, it'll pay...
  11. beingwell

    Ultimate Question: Where Did God Came From?

    Yes, interesting indeed. Where did God come from? He may come from the Heavens, from nature, from anywhere else really and it wouldn't change a thing for me. God is the Alpha and the Omega. I believe this as much. I am contented in knowing that my potential an His creation is limitless and...
  12. beingwell

    Do You Think You're In The Right Profession?

    That's nice zara. I assume your new job also pays the bill, right?:) In the Philippines, if one doesn't have an 8-5 job, I think s/he should have at least a sideline or business in able to get ahead. Working online is fun; especially if one's earnings are good enough to support his/her family.
  13. beingwell

    Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

    Sex isn't all about pleasure and making out. It's a connection between 2 people in love. When we grow old, we will not be physically capable of doing it. More so, there are a lot of couples in a LDR who make way to keep the love alive, even without having sex for a long time. So I say, yes. As...
  14. beingwell

    How Do You Handle Guilt?

    Hi rad! It really takes courage and humility to admit that we are wrong. It's a good thing that you were able to harness your strength when you apologized to this patient.
  15. beingwell

    What is the Ideal number of children for a family?

    Hi vest! Personally, I would love to have 3 children. There are many factors to consider in planning for a family. The couple should be emotionally and financially matured, at least.
  16. beingwell

    Do You Listen To Your Pastor/Priest

    Have you personally asked advise from your sector's pastor or the church's head priest? Do you follow their advise? Personally, I haven't spoken directly to our priests, other than during confession. I do what I know is right, and for me that's enough. You?
  17. beingwell

    Give Us Advise In Starting Up Our Own Business

    Thanks wlrahilly! I'm very intrigued by your home business. Please share us more. Thanks! With regards to relying on uplines, I never did when I was still active in a home business of my own. I knew that my time and my efforts are the ones to take ME to success; not theirs nor anyone else's.
  18. beingwell

    How Do You Keep Your Love Alive?

    Falling in love is all fun and exciting. Nurturing it and staying in love is another thing. It takes patience, understanding, time, and a whole lot of things. In your case, how do you keep the flame of your love burning?
  19. beingwell

    How Much Does Pride Affect Your Decision Making?

    Thank God I haven't been in this position, gowriter. But if I do need them, I would never be proud enough nor ashamed to ask for help from my family and friends.
  20. beingwell


    I wonder, aren't the things we want usually in line with our beliefs? Doesn't a robber robs because he believes it's ok to rob. In the same manner, a student would cheat in class or not whether he believes it to be right or otherwise. In essence, we live our lives according to what we believe...