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  1. moneymakingmom

    What would you do if you reached a job plateau and could not advance?

    Would you quit your job and find other work if you found out that you had reached a job plateau and could not advance higher in your company? Would you go back to college to finish your degree or get an advanced degree? How would you get your career out of a slump? Or, would you just stay in...
  2. moneymakingmom

    Coffee can kill you! And, other food dangers

    On a recent article at CNN Blogs, they mentioned how coffee has now been reclassified as a carcinogen similar to cell phones, making it a possible cancer causing food. Same for pickles. Have you heard of this? Please read this article and come back here and let's talk about dangerous foods...
  3. moneymakingmom

    Do we expect too much from life?

    Back in the old days, when people did not live very long, they didn't have very high expectations for their lives. Most just wanted to grow to adulthood, get married and have children and maybe farm a little patch of land or start a home crafting business or some other useful trade. Then...
  4. moneymakingmom

    Do you ever get distracted while you're on the job trying to work?

    Distractions are a fact of life but most employers would probably agree they're not paying the worker to get distracted away from their job. Time spent distracted surfing around the Internet on company time, chatting about the latest gossip with coworkers or reading a book is money lost. Do...
  5. moneymakingmom

    Do we pass phobias and fears along to our children?

    How many times did you hear your mom say, "Wash your hands, they're dirty!" or "Don't put that in your mouth, it's dirty, you'll get sick." Science has explored the possibility that we are over cleaning, over sanitizing, over bleaching our environment and that's making us all sick simply...
  6. moneymakingmom

    How do you discourage a child from smoking or doing drugs when the parent has addictions?

    We can't expect our children (or even grandchildren) to have good morals, habits or values if we cannot control ourselves and limit our own vices. And, the same thing goes for smoking, drinking or doing drugs. Smoking is very much the same kind of addiction as heroin use or any other kind of...
  7. moneymakingmom

    How do you deal with an emotional vampire?

    An emotional vampire is someone who is constantly complaining and griping and being negative. They suck all the positive fun aspects of every situation making you feel tired and listless. You can recognize an emotional vampire cause they always want to dwell on the depressive things of their...
  8. moneymakingmom

    How can you tell the difference between love and lust?

    How can you distinguish between real love that lasts through the years and lust that is more about temporary pleasures with no promise of a future? One way of thinking about it is that lust is more about yourself and your own needs; real love is thinking of the other person's needs and not just...
  9. moneymakingmom

    Need help dealing with a headstrong child.

    My daughter is a very independent person, very headstrong. She likes doing things her own way and in her own time and doesn't appreciate interference. Though she does enjoy my company when she is playing games. Often when I speak to her, she ignores me or does something else or looks away as...
  10. moneymakingmom

    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    How can a parent help the child/teen find their right life path toward career fulfillment without being seen as pushy or controlling? Should the teen be allowed to make all their own career decisions, though they lack any real life experience while the parent sides aside and does nothing? Or...
  11. moneymakingmom

    Do you ever hold hands with your spouse or significant other?

    Sometimes holding hands can seem even more romantic than a candle-lit dinner, cause it's way more spontaneous. There's nothing staged about it. I love holding my husband's hand, feeling his hand in mine as we walk along, knowing he is right there by my side for protection and comfort. It's a...
  12. moneymakingmom

    Do you ever criticize yourself?

    Do you engage in negative self talk or criticism of your actions? How do you deal with the inner critic that lives inside your brain who is constantly telling you that nothing is ever good enough? Can you think of more positive ways to do better at your job or life without having to put...
  13. moneymakingmom

    How can you be sure you are making the right decision?

    Sometimes, in life, a person faces two paths. If one path is taken, then the other one is left behind with all the opportunity that could have brought. How can you be sure you are making the right choices in life? Are there signs along the way that might indicate whether a path or choice is...
  14. moneymakingmom

    Can you really learn to live with disappointment?

    There are so many situations that don't work out in life. And, that's just the way it is. Sometimes, we can change these situations. Other times, they are fixed and unchangable and there's nothing that can be done. All this disappointment can lead to low self esteem and feelings of...
  15. moneymakingmom

    Do you live in the past?

    Sometimes, when I think back over my life I can see missed opportunities and roads not taken. And, I find myself speculating over whether I should have made other decisions. Does this happen to you? Do you live in the past, thinking how things were before and wishing you could go back...
  16. moneymakingmom

    Do you worry about your money situation?

    Sometimes, when we are having money troubles in the house, I find it hard to sleep. At those times, I try to get up and do something else rather than allow myself to be plagued by the negative money worries. Writing down the worries on paper or blogging about them online helps alleviate the...
  17. moneymakingmom

    How do I stay cheerful on a rainy day?

    On a rainy day, I feel so blue, so glum and just want to stay in bed and not do anything. I wish that I didn't feel this way. I guess other people feel this way. Just wondering what you do on a rainy day when you feel depressed or less than your best.
  18. moneymakingmom

    How do you deal with an unethical person?

    Good ethics make you behave and do the right thing, even when you know there is no one around to make you choose the right path. Some people have good ethics, others don't. Do you think it's important to be ethical on your job? Do you know of others on the same job who are not so ethical and...
  19. moneymakingmom

    What kind of yoga poses could I do to help increase mental clarity and reduce muscle aches?

    Much of my day working is spent online sitting in front of a computer. Though my chair is comfortable, the hours are very long. And, this wears heavily on my body and often I end up with aches and pains and fuzzy thinking. I'd like to be more physically active but have been out of an exercise...
  20. moneymakingmom

    How do you establish trust in a relationship?

    What steps can you take to make your partner feel safe like you are not going to cheat on him or her? How can you be assured your partner will not cheat on you? Please share your tips for establishing a strong loving bond in a relationship or marriage that will resist infidelity.