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  1. Cecil Estrera

    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    I agree that kids are blessings to us parents. That's why even though I don't know how to handle 3 kids yet, I would not give them up for adoption. I think we will get through this, if we would just work harder. I just hope that this will be my last pregnancy. :D
  2. Cecil Estrera

    Success and Obstacles

    Obstacles make success sweeter. And if we haven't experienced failure yet, then we are still an incomplete person. I am just thankful that I have my kids to motivate me to work harder. I may not be successful yet, but at least I am slowly trying to get there. :)
  3. Cecil Estrera

    How do you not blame yourself

    Well, I guess you should be thankful that both of you are in a better situation now. I agree that his wife should stop spreading negative things about you as she didn't saw everything that happened when you and your ex were still together. Just ignore them and focus on your daughter's...
  4. Cecil Estrera

    Whats your view on cheating?

    Even if you are not happy with your present relationship, I still don't consider cheating valid. Well, why shouldn't you end your present relationship before getting yourself involved in a new one? For me, cheating is a crime so every cheater should be punished accordingly. I know everyone...
  5. Cecil Estrera

    Are you an information addict?

    I think I quality in some of the signs stated above. Well, I just love to read whatever interests me in order to gain more knowledge about different things , especially about current and general information. I also monitor my email daily, well, mainly because I use it for receiving notifications...
  6. Cecil Estrera

    This works for me!

    I lost weight when I was just 21, even if I didn't do it on purpose. What I did is to eat less and drink more water every meal. It's not starving yourself so I think it is a good way to lose weight for you guys who want to shed extra pounds.
  7. Cecil Estrera

    Are there any Christians here? and if so,do you still believe in a coming Christ?

    I am a Christian at heart but I am not sure if Christ's coming will still take place. For sure there are only few people who believe in this but whether it will happen or not, I will just prepare myself and I would be more than willing to embrace my destiny. :)
  8. Cecil Estrera

    Have you started to save for the future?

    I must admit that I am as broke as any poor person now. I am just lucky to have a shelter that I don't have to pay for and my husband still has his job, even if it really is enough for us. With that being said, I am still struggling to save any penny on my bank account as our combined income is...
  9. Cecil Estrera


    I just want to add that we should also put God as the center of our relationship so that it will be stronger. And when the couple is both God-fearing, I doubt it if there would still be any major problem that will come along. :)
  10. Cecil Estrera

    Any advice to improve my self-esteem?

    I have had problems with my self-esteem in the past as well. Good thing I feel that I am improving on it now. I think you just have to believe in yourself more. Then, be surrounded with people who sincerely love and care for you. Also, try not to be too hard on yourself whenever you have done...
  11. Cecil Estrera

    Benefits of Eating Green Mangoes

    I so loooove mangoes! I have always been since my childhood days. And it is also making my mouth water now that I am on the first trimester on my pregnancy. Good thing it has a lot of nutritious benefits. For me, another benefit it gives is that it prevents me from vomiting. :)
  12. Cecil Estrera

    When In A Fight: Forget The Past

    I think it is just normal for us to remember the past when we are mad or upset. It's our emotions that is urging us to. But I agree with you, reminiscing the bad times will not solve anything. And if we don't have any good to say in a fight, might as well shut it off, and just talk when things...
  13. Cecil Estrera

    Would you date somebody who has kids?

    I agree with our fellow posters here. You just have to be true to yourself if you are willing to accept her two kids or not. You won't want end up being frustrated in the future because of regrets. I suggest you get to know her family, especially the kids, slowly. In a month or so, I think...
  14. Cecil Estrera

    Drawing Lines and Setting Boundaries

    I agree with the setting boundaries and drawing a line. As a general rule of the thumb, all too much is bad. Same goes to relationships. If you give too much, chances are, you are more likely to be abused or taken for granted. What's healthier is that, we will still have our own individuality...
  15. Cecil Estrera

    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am just worried that I will give less attention to my older kids when I get to deliver my third one. I am thinking of getting a nanny soon, I just hope that I will find someone that is reliable and trustworthy. That way, I could also work online more to...
  16. Cecil Estrera

    Accepting business failure

    I am aware that there are other payment processors aside from Paypal. However, I don't think that most Filipinos are using them and if I can use it to withdraw my money online. Alertpay doesn't allow Filipinos to withdraw money to a local bank account, I just don't know with Liberty Reserve.
  17. Cecil Estrera

    Another post got me thinking

    I am not a single mom but if I am, I don't think I will still think of dating guys, especially those who have kids too. For me, it will just create more complicated circumstances and I am not really in favor of getting another partner if ever my husband and I will decide to part ways. What's...
  18. Cecil Estrera

    Try Something New!

    Learning something new has always been exciting for me. I am the type of person who loves to learn even if I am just surfing the internet. Right now, I still cannot engage into strenuous activities but I sure will after I have recovered from my current pregnancy. I think I will also go out...
  19. Cecil Estrera

    What is your diet?

    That's a good idea AmazingP. You wallet will surely thank you for that. :) I am not really into sweets more often, especially now that I am pregnant. I crave for more sour and soupy foods instead. I just hope my morning sickness would be lesser so that I can eat more now that I am underweight.
  20. Cecil Estrera

    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    I used to take pills and injectables but I stopped which was a big mistake on my part as I relied on the withdrawal method. :( Oh well, I think three times are more than enough for me to learn a lesson. After this pregnancy, I sure will look for other ways of contraception. I won't want to...