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  1. Seville009

    How do you order around a subordinate who is older than you?

    You don't order them around. When I was in a management position before, I had the most successful team in the company. The reason is because I didn't treat them like children. Everyone knew what their job was from the start of their employment. They also knew that if they weren't doing their...
  2. Seville009

    Tips on drinking more water

    I always carry a bottle with me and if it ever were to empty I just refill it. I end up peeing a lot but it's more water.
  3. Seville009

    To Timeout or Not To Timeout

    I have heard every single reason in the books as to why parents decide to use timeouts or to just spank their children and here is my take on it. Timeout isn't to be used as a discipline, it's there to give both your child and yourself a chance to calm down before you speak with them and hand...