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  1. beingwell

    Do You Listen To Your Pastor/Priest

    Have you personally asked advise from your sector's pastor or the church's head priest? Do you follow their advise? Personally, I haven't spoken directly to our priests, other than during confession. I do what I know is right, and for me that's enough. You?
  2. beingwell

    How Do You Keep Your Love Alive?

    Falling in love is all fun and exciting. Nurturing it and staying in love is another thing. It takes patience, understanding, time, and a whole lot of things. In your case, how do you keep the flame of your love burning?
  3. beingwell

    Do You Always Eat On Time?

    I usually do. It's hard for me to eat a late lunch, especially because I am acidic. I usually have crackers with me, in case of emergencies. I'm always having my meals by 8am, 12pm and 7pm, give or take 10 minutes. You?
  4. beingwell

    Give Us Advise In Starting Up Our Own Business

    It's not easy to start up a personal business. It takes a lot of time and money. Whether it's an online business, a registered company, a networking company, starting up a business endeavor takes guts, discipline and determination. To all those with their own personal businesses here - may it...
  5. beingwell

    Go-Getter or Go-Giver?

    Which one are you? If you are on sales, most of the motivational speakers would tell you to go get that client! Or go get that sales target! It's true.:D But would you believe that when you're a go-giver type of guy, would actually end up with more clients and more sales? Just think of the...
  6. beingwell

    Life Is All About Learning

    Have you ever met someone who doesn't appreciate learning? Hard to imagine, right? I believe that learning and discovering new things is what's life all about. There are so many things for us to explore in a lot of different levels. That's the only way we could appreciate life itself. For...
  7. beingwell

    Alternative To Sugar

    If your sugar level is high or your cutting back on sugar, honey is a great alternative. You can use it in your coffee, juices, desserts and in cooking, if need be. It doesn't only give you the energy boost you need, it also helps boost your immune system. 1 tbsp of sugar gives you less...
  8. beingwell

    How Much Eggs Is Just Ok

    What's the limit on eating eggs? I cook them often from breakfast. I think we're having eggs 3-4 times a week. And that's because I've read in a Yahoo! article that eggs are not really bad for you. Plus we do exercise regularly anyway, so I was thinking we're doing fine. But I'd like to get...
  9. beingwell


    Do you have these? I haven't had any penpals in my life. Well, I don't count e-mail correspondences. I'm talking about the snail mail pen friends. I think it would have been fun to have one. Two strangers becoming friends only through writing each other over years and years is a cool thing to...
  10. beingwell

    How Do You Treat Your Maids/Househelp?

    I grew up with a maid/househelp when I was a child. We never treated them differently. They were like my friends. My parents taught us to respect them and treat them as "ates" (elderly sisters). I feel bad when I see them treated wrongly in other households. What they do is a job, similar to...
  11. beingwell

    How Do You Handle Guilt?

    Have you ever done something that you wished you hadn't done? Or something that you shouldn't have done in the first place? Say, not pay the bus fare or shouted at someone because you were just too mad. Anything at all. How do you handle guilt, itself? Do you go to confession? Do you share your...
  12. beingwell

    Are You Thankful?

    One way to develop ourselves is by being thankful for everything that we've received in our lives. Not only to the good things but also to the not so good things that come to us. Do you believe in the same thing? As for me, I am thankful and I feel very blessed for every little and big things...
  13. beingwell

    How Strong Is Your Faith?

    Funny, but am actually having difficulty to respond to my own question. I know that I believe in God. I know that He is my strength. But how strong is my faith, really? I don't know. How about you, try to truthfully answer this question?
  14. beingwell

    Do You Think You're In The Right Profession?

    I used to work as an accountant. I was happy for a while, since I get to practice what I've learned in school. But after sometime, I realized that that was not the profession for me. I would like to be more creative and more free. So I had to take time off to really think what I want to do in my...
  15. beingwell

    How Do You Balance Your Life

    They say all work and no play makes John a dull boy. It goes both ways, too right? Too much play may also not be good for us. Me, I work with my computer after I've done my chores and responsibilities at home. I make sure that I attend to all my duties before I start working. During weekends, my...
  16. beingwell

    How Important Is Friendship?

    I'd like to know how many of you here thinks that friendship plays an important role in a good, lasting relationship? I, for one believe this to be true. My husband and I are good friends first before we are a couple. We know our good and bad points and we accept each other for whatever flaws we...
  17. beingwell

    Do You Share Everything With Your Husband/Wife/Partner?

    As much as I am all for sharing, I do not share everything with him. Some secrets are worth keeping, good secrets like a gift for his birthday. Also, I don't share soaps and toothbrushes with him. That's just too much. I know these are petty examples. What's the thing you don't share with your...
  18. beingwell

    Half-Empty or Half-Full?

    Which type of person are you? This may actually define where you are right now in your life. This may dictate how you appreciate each little blessing you receive from the universe. As for me, it's quite obvious that I consider myself a half-full kind of a person. I see everything around me as...
  19. beingwell

    Do You Meditate?

    I've read somewhere that it is good for our soul and our minds to meditate everyday. It energizes us. It refreshes our minds as well as our bodies. It allows us to connect to the universe and everything else around us. For starters, 30 minutes would be enough. This means shutting out everything...
  20. beingwell

    Keeping Your Schedule

    Life may be hectic at times. There is always so much to do. That's why we need to prioritize, correct? Me, I prepare a to-do list so I keep track of what I need to do everyday. There are times however, that I don't get to keep my schedule because of too much going on. This leads to a pile of...