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    I decided that flipping burgers sucks

    At first I aspired to be a grand master burger flipping champion but I quickly realized that $6 an hour after taxes isn't enough for me to be your bitch and get bitched at on top of it. The work sucked. I would go home drenched in sweat and greasy. The environment sucked because everybody knew...
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    How to deal with workplace boredom

    I landed myself a job at McDonalds. I flip burgers and it may sound stupid but I take pride in it. I'm happy to be part of the process of making food for people. It gives some purpose to my life to provide something for society, as insignificant as this particular example may seem or be. The...
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    I want to transition from overwhelmingly negative to overwhelmingly positive

    I know that I need to take action to make this happen. I'm looking for suggestions. A little background about me: DISCLAIMER: it's a bit negative: I am a recovering addict with bipolar and Asperger's Syndrome (which is now usually referred to as mild Autism Spectrum Disorder.) I also experience...