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    How do you deal with financial difficulties with optimism?

    I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances. In situation's like these, you just have to be strong and stay focused. Optimism will give you the energy to try NEW things with confidence and strength. Without it, you will have no motivation to try, because you will naturally think that you are at a...
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    Are You More of an Optimist?

    I am an optimist in every sense of the word. I see most situations in a glass full mentality, unless they are already gone too far to be fixed. My reason for this is that I believe that almost every situation can be turned to a positive with the right energy, if one desires it to be so.
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    Are there any Christians here? and if so,do you still believe in a coming Christ?

    I'm just asking this question because in my life , I don't really hear people talking about Christ's return anymore. Is this something of the past? or is it still on people's minds?
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    Would you date somebody who has kids?

    I have just met a very beautiful (inside and the outside) woman, but she has two children from a past relationship. I know she is a good woman, but the two kids really has me thinking. I'm just not sure if i'm ready for a big, ready made family. I'm 27.
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    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    exactly as many others on the forum have said, you can use affirmations. Tell yourself that you will do well. Tell yourself that you are great. Tell yourself that everything will be ok. Now be careful to not repeat just one phrase. Repeat the idea over and over , but with different words.
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    Any advice to improve my self-esteem?

    This may sound funny and ineffective but use affirmations; they will work. Right now it's negative self-talk that is played over and over in your mind concerning your beauty, intelligence level or success rate. You need to counteract this with positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you are...
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    What is your diet?

    I am on a 3700 calorie and 150g+ protein diet in efforts to gain muscle. What about you? are you on any special diet to lose weight? maintain weight? gain muscle?
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    Miami most miserable place to live?

    This could definitely be true.I have three family members who have had to give up houses in Miami in the past year and a half. And two others who have been looking for work but cannot find it. You really wouldn't know by looking at all the flash of Miami that you see on television. It's the...
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    Yoga - Physical or mental?

    Exactly as Sarah said; Yoga effects both the mental and the physical aspects of the human being. If you have ever done yoga you could realize that after holding many of the more strenuous poses for a good while , something begins to happen to your mind. Your thoughts begin to slow and after...
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    Do You Question The Things You Believe?

    Here is the thing my friends, A BELIEF is just that; A BELIEF. If you were able to test and prove that something you believed was true and it actually came out to be true based on what you can verify with your senses, then it would no longer be a belief, it would be a FACT. For example; one...
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    Do you pray or meditate? How often?

    I used to pray every single day for a portion of my life. I used to meditate everyday for a portion of my life. I used to say affirmations everyday for a portion of my life. Truly, I feel that meditation has the potential to open and calm your mind so that prayer and the repeating of...
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    How do you meditate?

    Like I wrote in another thread yesterday, I tried the conventional meditation, where you just sit there and try to focus on your thoughts, but to no avail. My mind would just continuing going and going no matter what I did. I didn't see the point. However, I took a course in Yoga and I found...
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    Relatioships through Facebook

    I have actually cleansed myself of the facebook madness, as I found that between facebook and sms, my interactions with people were becoming impersonal. At this point in my life, i'd rather talk to you on the phone or even better yet, in PERSON, if time allows for this.
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    Whats your view of online dating/meeting online?

    I've met over 50+ women online and for the most part it's been solely all about fun. If i was mature and was really looking to settle down, i'm sure I could have made at least half of those work, but that was not the case. I sometime have a problem with women professing to be who they are...
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    Look up "toastmasters" in your area. It is a public speaking club, it should be able to help you along :) Ms. President lol
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    Approaches for Eliminating Bad Habits

    Here is what I do. I downloaded an app that I use on my iphone. The app helps you to determine whether or not you have met your goals everyday. I just write 5 goals in there and then before I go to bed every night I check mark the goal if i completed it, or leave it empty if I didn't. If i...
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    Do You Meditate?

    I've actually been meditating since I was about 15 or 16 years old. To be totally honest, I don't feel like it really helped in any area in my life. I noticed what would happen is that I would just sit still but i would begin to think things to the point where it was like I was just thinking and...
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    My goal is to be about to concentrate upon a given idea for as long as I wish to. I want to be able to focus and avoid distractions so i can reach my goals as quickly.
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    If you could change one thing about yourself...

    If i could change one thing . I think it'd be my ability to focus on what I need to focus on 24/7 7 days a week. I have times when I really get side tracked. If i wasn't sidetracked and never wasted any time at all, I would surely achieve all of my goals in no time .
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    (Think and Grow Rich) Desire

    Exatly as AMAZINGP said. You have find out what IT IS that you want the most and then put all of your energy into that. All great individuals do this. Bill Gates- Computers Steve Jobs-Computers Oprah- TV Micheal Jordan- Basketball Tiger Woods -Golf All the greats make their desire-their...