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  1. Tani

    How do you stay motivated?

    If I'm feeling unmotivated I sit and think about what my body is telling me at the moment. I've always been the type of person to honor how I'm feeling or what I'm feeling compelled to do, whether it be productive or not. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to mentally rest. Right now I'm...
  2. Tani

    What Inspires You to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

    Having an intention for my life constantly reminds me to step outside my comfort zone. I use to show up and live with no intention, just going through the motions of life because I was comfortable in my own space, until I realized that I was letting LIFE pass me by because I wasn't actually...
  3. Tani

    The 5 Second Rule

    I think there's validity for people who think too me! I like to know every detail before I act and sometimes I allow myself to talk myself out of it. So I like this rule because it would force you to take immediate action and see where it takes you as opposed to thinking too much...
  4. Tani

    The Four-Sentence Rule

    This is interesting and I'd find it very hard to practice. Although I understand the concept, I have to say that this would contradict authenticity. If you're thinking too much about the nature dialogue is expressed instead of simply expressing it authentically, it devalues the "moment". I do...
  5. Tani

    magic happens when you move out of your comfort zone

    Absolutely! I'm actually having a workshop centered around this very thing. If anyone's in the Seattle area, come join us!
  6. Tani

    Is It Possible To Always Be Happy? – Finding True Happiness

    I don't think it's possible to ALWAYS be happy...we're human. I do think it's possible to choose have a positive attitude.