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  1. Roksana

    "friend zone"?

    You know, sometimes, if you really love someone, but you cannot be with him is realy good to stay in a friend zone. And it's possible to feel good because of another person happiness.I have a best friend, he has a wife now and on child with her. I know he really loves me, but he don't wanted...
  2. Roksana

    Hello, everyone.

    Hi Gina ! Nice to meat you ! I am also new here. I am really excited to know you :)
  3. Roksana

    Time to me :)

    Hello ! I am really satisfied by writing this message to you. I am Roksana , a young, positive woman from Poland. In last 6 years, I did go to school in Germany, and it's one of the reasons, why I like so much to get in contact with people from different parts of the world. Now, I make a kind...